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Season 1, Episode 22
Airdate May 24, 2005
Production Number 122
Written by Lawrence Kaplow &
John Mankiewicz
Directed by Frederick King Keller
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House, M.D.Season One

Honeymoon is the twenty-second and final episode of the first season of House, M.D..

Starring: Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House), Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy), Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman), Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. James Wilson), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron), Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase)

Special Guest Star: Sela Ward (Stacy Warner)

Guest Starring: Currie Graham (Mark Warner)

Co-Starring: Mark Hames (Ambulance Driver), Revital Krawetz (Woman)


Plot Overview

Stacy begs House to diagnose her husband Mark Warner - who insists he is not sick, so House drugs him. Wilson warns House to be careful around Stacy. Although early signs suggest nothing is wrong, House relentlessly performs tests and surgery until he finds a symptom of a brain disorder, which he believes is Alzheimer's disease. Foreman and Chase search the Warner home, but all they find are Mark's yoga mats and drugs he confiscated in his job as a high school guidance counselor. House interrogates Mark about Stacy. The tests turn up negative for Alzheimer's, and House tells Stacy he is stumped, until Mark suffers paralysis in his hands and feet. This leads House to a new diagnosis, and with no proof he is correct, he starts treatment. Mark seems to have an allergic reaction, but House says it is a panic attack. When House learns Mark lied in his interrogation, but he did not know he was lying, House realizes Mark is delusional which - along with a clue from the yoga mats - leads him to a new diagnosis. To prove this one, House offers to inject Mark with a cocktail of triggers for an attack so he can gather urine, but Mark refuses the injection. At Stacy's request, House fights off Foreman, Cameron and Chase to make the injection, anyway. Urine tests reveal he is correct, and Mark gets better under treatment. Stacy admits she still has feelings for House, but she is staying with Mark. Cuddy hires Stacy to work at the hospital as an attorney.

Clinic Patients

  • None this episode.


Medical Terms

(See the Medical Dictionary for all definitions.)

  • When they first discuss the case, Chase says Mark Warner's tests show high levels of chloral hydrate, but House confesses that is his doing. House orders a CT of Mark's abdomen and pelvis.
  • Wilson says House thinks he will win Stacy back if he cures Mark, which he calls "twisted narcissism."
  • Cameron says Mark's clean MRA suggests nothing is wrong with him.
  • Foreman tells House the exploratory surgery on Mark turned up nothing but a neurogenic bladder.
  • When Cameron sees Mark's stomach muscles contract on the video of his surgery, she says, "That's not peristalsis. That's abdominal epilepsy."
  • Foreman says Mark's brain waves suggest "his axonal nerves are dying," indicative of either encephalitis or Alzheimer's. House orders a CBC test using Mark's CSF to check for encephalitis and a check of his tau proteins for Alzheimer's.
  • Chase shows House a bottle of amphetamines he found in his search of the Warners' home, but House says Mark confiscated them in his job as a high school guidance counselor. Cameron says Mark's "champagne" (perfect) tap proves he does not have encephalitis. House still believes it is Alzheimer's despite his negative tests and orders a PET scan of his cerebral cortex.
  • Before Mark's PET scan, Foreman tells him they are injecting him with the chemical marker FDDNP. During the scan, Foreman says Mark's limbic system looks fine.
  • After the onset of Mark's paralysis, Foreman says his peripheral nervous system is under attack, but Chase says he is "experiencing significant paresthesias." House hypothesizes Guillain-Barré syndrome, but Foreman says the indirect Coombs' test showed no agglutination. Nonetheless, House decides to treat Mark with plasmapheresis and IG, because the treatment is not dangerous.
  • When Mark has what seems to be an allergic reaction, Cameron orders epi, but House says it is a panic attack and orders Ativan.
  • Once House learns Mark did not take Stacy to Paris for their honeymoon, he says they can use Mark's PET scan as a lie detector. Foreman sees Mark's reference to Paris involved only his frontal lobes and temporal lobes. House lists Mark's symptoms, including polyneuropathy. He diagnoses porphyria, or AIP, for which he prescribes Hematin and glucose.
  • House proposes to Mark that he inject him with a cocktail including barbiturates to set off a porphyria attack. When Mark refuses, House offers to Stacy to order an HMB-synthase mutation, which could take a month to return results.
  • After House jams the cocktail into Mark's leg, Foreman chastises him, saying he could have caused an embolism or tachycardia. Just then, the attack starts. Cameron tries to administer Ativan, but House knocks it out of her hands and says she'll pollute his urine. He orders Chase to take the urine collected by the catheter. Foreman and Chase shout Mark is having a stroke, but House says, "This is not a stroke. The delta wave burst is just a vasospasm." As Mark's thrashing knocks out his catheter, Foreman warns he is experiencing bradycardia.


  • "I Call It Love" by Windy Wagner: House and Wilson meet up at a bar, where House says part of him wants Mark Warner to die.
  • "Delia" by Blind Willie McTell: Stacy comes to House in his office to thank him for saving Mark's life.
  • "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones: House consents to let Stacy come to work at the hospital and tries unsuccessfully to walk on his hurt leg. This same song was used in the closing moments of 1x01 - Pilot, so both first and last episodes of the season close with the same song.

Arc Advancement


  • Stacy Warner is hired as the general counsel for Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.


  • House and Cameron: Cameron tells Stacy she still has an interest in House. At the end, Cameron tells House she realizes he is capable of being in love, but not with her.
  • House and Stacy: House takes on Stacy's husband case, and Stacy admits she is still in love with House.


  • 1x20 - Love Hurts: As Stacy and Cameron talk about House, Cameron says she went on a date with House in that episode.
  • 1x21 - Three Stories: House examines Mark by a request Stacy made in that episode. Also, Cameron asks Stacy what House was like before his leg was hurt. Later, Stacy says House has not forgiven her for making a medical decision for him. The details of their relationship and Stacy's medical decision, which resulted in the crippling of House's leg, were revealed there.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • 24 Connection: Currie Graham plays Stacy's husband and House's patient Mark Warner. Graham also had a role in two episodes of season one of FOX's action hit 24 as Ted Cofell, the Serbian terrorist posing as a businessman whose stomach lining Jack Bauer memorably threatened to rip out with a wet towel. Although Graham was only a guest star, two regular cast members of that season have previously shown up as House's patients in season one of House, M.D.: Leslie Hope in 1x10 - Histories and Sarah Clarke in 1x14 - Control.

Allusions and References

  • Oscar Wilde: When Mark Warner says he and House could "go for a run together," House sarcastically calls him Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde was a 19th-century Irish writer and poet known for his pithy, witty one-liners.
  • Mandingo: House asks Stacy if she has had an affair and says it is a medical question. She asks him why he did not send a member of his staff and says, "Hey, Dr. Mandingo, go ask the wife if she's been messin' around." Later, when House finds a sign of a serious problem in the film of Mark's exploratory surgery, House calls someone (presumably Foreman) and says, "Dr. Mandingo, you're needed at the plantation house." Mandingo is a 1957 novel by Kyle Onstott about a Mandinka slave named Ganymede living on an 1830s Southern plantation.
  • Ralph Nader: Stacy visits Cameron in the lab and learns Mark may have Alzheimer's disease. Cameron asks about Mark's family history, and Stacy says, "Of? Whacked-outness? His sister voted for Nader. Twice." Leftist American political activist Ralph Nader has run for President of the United States three times, in 1996 and 2000 on the Green Party ticket, and in 2004 as an independent. His 2000 bid was controversial, as many voters chose Nader as a protest vote against what some saw as a conservative Democratic nominee in Vice President Al Gore. Many on the left faulted Nader for Gore's tight loss to Bush. However, many political analysts pointed out Gore's loss to Bush was close only in Florida, which was so close that almost all of the third party candidates would have meant the difference. Also, not all those who voted for Nader were leftists - some were conservatives casting a protest vote against George W. Bush. That notwithstanding, Nader was criticized by leftists when he announced his decision to run again in 2004, when it was believed to be essential to defeat Bush's bid for re-election. Despite the outcry, or perhaps because of it, Nader received far fewer votes than he had in 2000 - a mere 0.35% of the popular vote compared to 2.74% in 2000 - and his numbers were not nearly enough to make up the difference by which Sen. John Kerry lost to Bush in any state.
  • The Bastille: When House learns Mark did not go to Paris, he tells his staff, "Mark's brain apparently thinks he really did spend 40 francs on a tour of the Bastille." The Bastille is a prison which is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris, France, partly because its storming on July 14, 1789 marked the beginning of the French Revolution.
  • The Three Musketeers: When Foreman, Chase and Cameron gang up to physically block House from giving Mark the cocktail against his will, House says, "Love the Musketeer thing," in reference to the Three Musketeers - the heroes of the 19th-century novel of that name by Alexandre Dumas. The Musketeers are members of France's elite royal guard who assist a young nobleman in fighting off his enemies and becoming a musketeer.

Memorable Moments

  • House does not accept Mark's exploratory surgery turned up no symptoms, so he stays until the wee hours at the hospital examining the tape. When those examinations turn up nothing but a smudge on the screen, he swipes a monitor from the OB/GYN lounge, and at last he spots something. He calls in his staff, but Cameron says, "There's nothing there," although she is not looking at the screen. House follows her gaze to an almost empty bottle of whiskey. "Stop looking at the suspiciously empty bottle and look at the screen," he says. "Here's why I get the big bucks." He plays an enhanced version of a moment in the video footage, in which the stomach muscles contract spontaneously in a sort of wave pattern. Chase, Cameron and Foreman are suddenly interested, as they realize this is a symptom of a neurological disease. House says, "I forget, who said it was nothing?"
  • Stacy finds House on the roof of the hospital and chastises him for interrogating Mark about her. "The questions were designed to define the operational parameters of his limbic system," House says. "Elevate the words all you want. You were just screwing with him. Low, even by your standards," Stacy says. "Medical screwing. It's what I do," House says. "Then you run away like a twelve-year-old. Go hide on the roof like you always do," Stacy says. "I haven't been up here in five years," House says. Stacy, seeing something different in House for the first time since she has met up with him again, falls silent. House tells her he does not know what is killing Mark. "He's perfectly healthy, but his brain is dying," he says. Near tears, she says, "It never occurred to me... that you couldn't figure out what's wrong." House hugs her as she starts crying and says, "I haven't given up." She asks what can be done, and he answers, "We wait ... [for] something to change. It's one of the great tragedies of life. Something always... something always changes."
  • Mark insists to Stacy he does not want House's cocktail of barbiturates, alcohol and proteins to induce a porphyria attack so his urine can be tested. House enters with a syringe and tells Mark it is "cocktail hour. Just 'cause you can't hoist a few doesn't mean you should be left out." He starts to insert the syringe into Mark's IV, because the paralyzed Mark cannot stop him. Foreman, however, can and does, and Cameron and Chase back him up. Cameron says House needs a court order if Mark is mentally incapable of making the decision, so House says, "Okay, then get one. We'll wait here. I won't do nothin'." When his staff refuses to give, House sighs and says, "I can't do it." He starts to pace, then wheels sharply and jams the needle into Mark's leg. "See what I did there?" he says. The cocktail causes Mark to start thrashing about, but House refuses to allow his staff to give him a sedative, as that might pollute the sample. House's intention is to collect urine from Mark's catheter, but Mark's thrashing knocks the catheter out, and his condition quickly worsens. House grabs a hypodermic needle out of the drawer and inserts it into Mark's bladder to draw a urine sample. "Straight from the bladder," he says. "That's as fresh as it gets. Would you give him the Ativan already? He doesn't need to be awake for this."


  • House: You know, we should do things together. Maybe throw a ball around or something. Guy stuff.
Mark: We could go for a run together.
House: Ah! It's Oscar Wilde!
Stacy: Wow. This pissing contest is really turning me on. He needs to go to the hospital!
House: Here's to women. Can't live with 'em, you can't kill 'em and tell the neighbors they're stripping in Atlantic City.
  • Cameron: Tummy ache, cranky, no apparent source. Any thoughts? (Clears throat.) Foreman, you gonna contribute, or are you too tired from stealing cars? (Foreman stares.) I'm being House. It's... it's funny.
Foreman: I know. You made milk come out of my nose.
  • House: Guy doesn't think he's sick.
Cameron: Who does?
House: His wife.
Cameron: The woman you used to live with.
House: That's her Indian name. On her driver's license, it's Stacy.
  • House: Do the things, the... y'know, blah blah blah blah, all that stuff the other docs did. If that's negative, ultrasound his belly. If that's negative, CT his abdomen and pelvis, with and without contrast. Did I miss anything?
Chase: Kitchen sink.
House: Well, we could certainly give that... oh, you minx!
  • Wilson: Hey! You have to treat this like a regular case. Be yourself: Cold, uncaring, distant.
House: Please, don't put me on a pedastal.
  • House: You know why people sit in waiting rooms?
Stacy: This is gonna be good.
House: People think the closer they're sitting to the operating room, the more they care.
Stacy: That's why I'm here. I'm not moving until everybody sees me.
  • House: I got Mark's latest blood work. He's not responding to treatment.
Wilson: I'm sorry.
House: I was happy. He's my patient. I'm sure he's a good guy. He's probably a great guy, apparently a much better guy than I am, and some part of me wants him to die. I'm just not sure if it's because... I wanna be with her, or if it's because I want her to suffer.
  • House: I'm respecting your husband's decision. I don't see why you've got a problem with that.
Stacy: Because it's crap! Because you browbeat patients, intimidate them, lie to them. If you think you're right, you don't give a damn what they think. I did what you do all the time. The only difference is, I did it to you.
  • House: So what's your plan? You take the big dark one, I've got the little girl, and the Aussie'll run like a scared wombat if things turn rough.
  • Cameron: I thought, hhh, you were too screwed up to love anyone. I was wrong. You just couldn't love me.
  • Stacy: You were right.
House: He's gonna be fine.
Stacy: No. About me. I'm not over you. You were... you were the one. You always will be. But I can't be with you.
House: So I'm the guy, but you want the other guy, who by definition can never be the guy.
Stacy: What's so great about you is you always think you're right. And what's so frustrating about you is you are right so much of the time. You are brilliant, funny, surprising, sexy, but with you I was lonely, and with Mark, there's room for me.
  • Cuddy: I wanna run something by you.
House: I will not have sex with you! Not again! Miserable the first time, all that desperate administrative need.