Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Premiere pilot
December 30, 2000
September 2, 2001
Finale July 22, 2007
Creator Michael Ouweleen,
Erik Richter
Network/Provider Adult Swim
Style 15-minute animated comedy
Company J.J. Sedelmaier Productions (pilot)
Allied Arts & Science (episodes 2-4)
Cartoon Network Studios (episodes 5-9)
Turner Studios (episodes 10+)
Seasons 4
Episodes 39
Origin USA

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law began as one of the founding series of Adult Swim. Its pilot aired during the days of Toonami: Midnight Run, but carried over into an actual series when the cartoon network adult-oriented block came into its own.

The story revolves around characters from the 1967 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. Harvey Birdman, an ex-superhero and current defense attorney/litigator takes on cases from fellow Hanna-Barbera stars from the 1960s and 1970s including George Jetson, Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstone and even obscure characters like Ernie Devlin and Inch High Private Eye. In the series, Birdman faces off against former villains like Reducto in the court of law, often presided over by either Mentok (the Mind-Taker) or Mightor.

The series is defined by its extremely fast machine-gun approach at comedy where more comedy is hurled at the viewer in 15 minutes than an entire episode of a more conventional cartoon does in 30. This makes for an extremely rewatchable show as the viewer is bound to miss things in the first airing.

Although the series initially was produced using traditional cel animation (and was the only Williams Street show to do so), due to the massive delays between episodes caused by errors in Korean animation and the inability for the animators to nail down the fast pace of the show the series was moved in-house and done with Flash at Williams Street. However, they stay true to their roots by creating new characters and new backgrounds for many of their episodes, as opposed to fellow throwback series Sealab 2021 and Space Ghost Coast to Coast which used the same general background for the entire series.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast 1 2 3 4
Gary Cole Harvey Birdman * * * *
Judge Mightor * * * *
Stephen Colbert Myron Reducto, Esq. * * * *
Phil Ken Sebben * * * *
John Michael Higgins Mentok the Mindtaker * * * *
Thomas Allen Peanut * * * *
Frank Welker Avenger * * * *
Paget Brewster Judy Sebben * *
Supporting/Recurring Cast 1 2 3 4
Chris Edgerly Peter Potamus * * * *
Michael McKean Spyro * * *
Phil LaMarr Black Vulcan * *
Peter MacNicol X, The Eliminator * * *
Lewis Black Elliott the Deadly Duplicator * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Adult Swim
Season One December 30, 2000 June 8, 2003 9
Season Two January 1, 2004 November 2, 2004 11
Season Three July 24, 2005 October 16, 2005 12
Season Four October 1, 2006 July 22, 2007 7


Title Provider Release Date
Harvey Birdman, Attorney General Adult Swim October 14, 2018


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Volume One April 12, 2005 purchase 2
Volume Two October 10, 2006 purchase 2
Volume Three July 24, 2007 purchase 2

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