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During its 14 seasons on air, Dallas saw several characters passing by.

This list include Ewing relative appearing or mentioned in the series, and every other character with at least 10 credited appearances, including the 357 episodes of the series and the two reunion movies J.R. Returns and War of the Ewings. It does however not include the further lives of Gary and Val Ewing, as shown on spinoff series Knots Landing, nor does it include the characters of the 2012 sequel series which are listed here.

Characters portrayed by multiple actors have the most prominent one is listed in the table, with additional cast to be found in the notes.


Ewing family and relatives

Dallas began in 1978, as the setting of the more than three decades old Barnes/Ewing family feud was forever changed, following the surprise wedding of Bobby (youngest son of oil tycoon Jock Ewing and his wife Ellie) and Pamela (the alleged daughter of Digger Barnes, Ellie's teenage sweetheart and Jock's former business companion, turned arch-enemy).

During it run, the series came to focus on the Ewing family, its Dallas-based family company Ewing Oil, and the family home: the Southfork Ranch, located outside Dallas, in Braddock County. Eldest Ewing brother J.R., eventually became the series' main character, and the only one to appear in every episode.

Main characters

Character Actor # Relation
J.R. Ewing Larry Hagman 359 Eldest son of Jock and Ellie.
Cliff Barnes Ken Kercheval 345 Son of Digger.
Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy 329 Youngest son of Jock and Ellie.
Ellie Ewing Farlow Barbara Bel Geddes 3281 Ewing family matriarch.
Sue Ellen Ewing Linda Gray 310 First wife of J.R.
Ray Krebbs Steve Kanaly 287 Illegitimate son of Jock.
Clayton Farlow Howard Keel 266 Second husband of Ellie.
Pamela Barnes Ewing Victoria Principal 2522 First wife of Bobby, half-sister of Cliff.
Lucy Ewing Cooper Charlene Tilton 246 Granddaughter of Jock and Ellie.
Donna Culver Krebbs Susan Howard 198 First wife of Ray.
Jenna Wade Priscilla Beaulieu Presley 1473 Second wife of Ray.
April Stevens Ewing Sheree J. Wilson 128 Second wife of Bobby.
Jock Ewing Jim Davis 77 Ewing family patriarch.
Cally Harper Ewing Cathy Podewell 71 Second wife of J.R.
Jack Ewing Dack Rambo 51 Nephew of Jock, first husband of April.
Michelle Stevens Kimberly Foster 50 Sister of April, second wife of Cliff.
James Beaumont Sasha Mitchell 46 Illegitimate son of J.R., first husband of Michelle.

1Including 24 episodes as portrayed by Donna Reed.
2Including 1 episode as portrayed by Margaret Michaels.
3Including 1 episode as portrayed by Morgan Fairchild and 2 episodes as portrayed by Francine Tacker.

Supporting characters

Character Actor # Relation
John Ross Ewing, III Omri Katz 1911 Son of J.R. and Sue Ellen.
Christopher Ewing Joshua Harris 1572 Adopted son of Bobby and Pamela.
Charlie Wade Shalane McCall 1033 Daughter of Jenna.
Afton Cooper Audrey Landers 85 Sister-in-law of Lucy.
Jamie Ewing Barnes Jenilee Harrison 70 Sister of Jack, first wife of Cliff.
Katherine Wentworth Morgan Brittany 56 Half-sister of Cliff and Pamela.
Mitch Cooper Leigh McCloskey 46 Husband of Lucy, brother of Afton.
Rebecca Barnes Wentworth Priscilla Pointer 44 Mother of Cliff, Pamela and Katherine.
Dave Culver Tom Fuccello 35 Stepson of Donna.
Dusty Farlow Jared Martin 34 Nephew of Clayton.
Kristin Shepard Mary Crosby 304 Sister of Sue Ellen, biological mother of Christopher.
Mickey Trotter Timothy Patrick Murphy 26 Cousin of Ray.
Lil Trotter Kate Reid 17 Mother of Mickey, aunt of Ray.
Lisa Alden Amy Stock 16 Biological aunt of Christopher.
Digger Barnes Keenan Wynn 145 Father of Cliff, foster-father of Pamela, first husband of Rebecca.
Andrew Dowling Jim McMullan 14 Third husband of Donna.
Vanessa Beaumont Gayle Hunnicutt 13 Mother of James.
Don Lockwood Ian McShane 13 Second husband of Sue Ellen.
Gary Ewing Ted Shackelford 116 Middle son of Jock and Ellie, father of Lucy.
Jeff Farraday Art Hindle 11 Biological father of Christopher, brother of Lisa.
Jessica Montford Alexis Smith 11 Sister of Clayton, mother of Dusty.
Patricia Shepard Martha Scott 10 Mother of Sue Ellen and Kristin.
Renaldo Marchetta Daniel Pilon 9 First husband of Jenna, father of Charlie.
Valene Ewing Joan Van Ark 8 Wife of Gary, mother of Lucy.
Debra Lynn Beaumont Deborah Tucker 5 First wife of James.
Japhet Harper Sherman Howard 5 Youngest brother of Cally.
Maggie Monahan Sarah Cunningham 5 Sister of Digger.
Atticus Ward John Larch 5 Father of Dusty.
Arlen Ward John Larch 5 Twin brother of Atticus.
Arliss Cooper Anne Francis 4 Mother of Mitch and Afton.
Boaz Harper Cliff Potts 4 Oldest brother of Cally.
Amy Stevens K Callan 4 Mother of April and Michelle.
Jimmy Beaumont Chuckie Gravino 3 Son of James and Debra Lynn.
Kenny Gravino
Pammie Cooper Jenna Pangburn 37 Daughter of Afton and Cliff.
Amanda Ewing Lesley Woods 28 First wife of Jock.
Amos Krebbs William Windom 2 Foster-father of Ray.
Jimmy Monahan James Canning 29 Son of Maggie.
Harrison Van Buren, III Andrew Prine 2 Husband of Afton.
Luanne Culver Alba Francesca 1 Wife of Dave.
Sam Culver John McIntire 1 First husband of Donna, father of Sam.
Linda Farlow Melody Anderson 1 Wife of Dusty.
Ed Haynes Robin Clarke 1 First husband of Pamela.
Hutch McKinney William Watson 1 Biological father of Pamela.
Garrison Southworth Gene Evans 1 Brother of Ellie.
Herbert Wentworth John Martin 1 Second husband of Rebecca, father of Katherine.
Lucas Krebbs unknown, uncredited, baby Son of Jenna, biological son of Bobby, adopted son of Ray.
Margaret Krebbs unknown, uncredited, baby Daughter of Donna and Ray.
Unnamed boy unknown, uncredited, baby Son of Cally and J.R.

1Including 38 episodes as portrayed by Tyler Banks.
2Including 44 episode as portrayed by Eric Farlow, and Chris Demetral's portrayal in J.R. Returns.
3Including 1 episode as portrayed by Laurie Lynn Myers.
4Including 2 episodes as portrayed by Colleen Camp.
5Including 4 episodes as portrayed by David Wayne.
6Including 2 episodes as portrayed by David Ackroyd.
7Including Deborah Kellner's portrayal in J.R. Returns.
8Including 1 episode as portrayed by Susan French.
9Including 1 episode as portrayed by Philip Levien.

Unseen characters

Several Ewing relatives were mentioned in the series, but didn't appear on-screen - in most cases because they died prior to the series' beginning.

  • Enoch Southworth. Grandfather of Ellie. Deceased.
  • Aaron Southworth. Father of Ellie. Deceased.1
  • Barbara Southworth. Mother of Ellie. Deceased.1
  • Henry Barnes. Father of Digger. Deceased.
  • Jason Ewing. Brother of Jock, father of Jack and Jamie. Deceased.1
  • Nancy Ewing. Wife of Jason, mother of Jack and Jamie. Deceased.
  • Margaret Krebbs. Mother of Ray, wife of Amos. Deceased.
  • Amy Farlow. First wife of Clayton. Deceased.
  • Henry Montford. Husband of Jessica. Deceased.
  • Lucas Wade. Father of Jenna. Deceased.
  • Jonas Culver. Uncle of Sam. Deceased.
  • Deborah Culver. First wife of Sam, mother of Dave. Deceased.1
  • Richard Beaumont. Husband of Vanessa, stepfather of James. Deceased.
  • Tyler Barnes. Son of Digger and Rebecca. Deceased.
  • Catherine Barnes. Daughter of Digger and Rebecca. Deceased.

1Aaron, Barbara, Jason, and Deborah all appeared in the prequel movie Dallas: The Early Years (portrayed Hoyt Axton, Marjie Rynearson, David Wilson, and Angie Bolling, respectively) alongside younger versions of Ellie, Jock, Digger, Sam, and several other characters.

Additional characters

Main characters

Character Actor #
Carter McKay George Kennedy 78
Liz Adams Barbara Stock 26
Stephanie Rogers Lesley-Anne Down 13

Supporting characters

Character Actor #
Sly Lovegren Deborah Rennard 189
Jackie Dugan Sherril Lynn Rettino 186
Phyllis Wapner Deborah Tranelli 147
Teresa Roseanna Christiansen 119
Kendall Chapman Danone Simpson 103
Jordan Lee Don Starr 89
Marilee Stone Fern Fitzgerald 73
Dora Mae Pat Colbert 70
Mark Graison John Beck 67
Mandy Winger Deborah Shelton 63
Punk Anderson Morgan Woodward 55
Harv Smithfield George O. Petrie 55
Cassie Anne C. Lucas 53
Jeremy Wendell William Smithers 50
Connie Brasher Jeanna Michaels 421
Harry McSween James L. Brown 41
Louella Caraway Lee Meg Gallagher 37
Debbie Deborah Marie Taylor 37
Andy Bradley Paul Sorensen 33
Casey Denault Andrew Stevens 33
Nicholas Pearce Jack Scalia 29
Raoul Tony Garcia 282
Peter Richards Christopher Atkins 27
Mavis Anderson Alice Hirson 26
Holly Harwood Lois Chiles 25
Jerry Kenderson Barry Jenner 25
The Ewing Helicopter Pilot Lacy Wayne 24
Kimberly Cryder Leigh Taylor-Young 20
Rose McKay Jeri Gaile 20
Serena Wald Stephanie Blackmore 20
Eddie Cronin Fredric Lehne 19
Simon Ellby Jeff Cooper 19
Vaughn Leland Dennis Patrick 19
Kelly Kehly Gray 19
Alan Beam Randolph Powell 18
Paul Morgan Glenn Corbett 18
Franklin Horner Laurence Haddon 17
Tracey Lawton Beth Toussaint 17
Louise Mary Armstrong 17
Liz Craig Barbara Babcock 16
Bruce Harvey Jonathan Goldsmith 16
Detective Ratagan John Hoge 16
Oswald Valentine Derek McGrath 15
Scotty Demarest Stephen Elliott 14
Harlen Danvers John Zaremba 13
Wade Luce Robert Ackerman 13
Tommy McKay J. Eddie Peck 13
Muriel Gillis Karlene Crockett 12
Roger Larson Dennis Redfield 12
Kay Lloyd Karen Kopins 12
Wes Parmalee Steve Forrest 12
Angela Marina Rice 12
Walt Discoll Ben Piazza 11
Laurel Ellis Annabel Schofield 11
Thornton McLeish Kenneth Kimmins 11
Leslie Stewart Susan Flannery 11
Leo Wakefield Bill Morey 11
B.D. Calhoun Hunter Von Leer 10
Dandy Dandridge Bert Remsen 10
Edgar Randolph Martin E. Brooks 10
Betty Kathleen York 10

1Including 3 episodes as portrayed by Donna Bullock, 2 episodes as portrayed by Ann Ford and 5 episodes as portrayed by Nancy Bleier.
2Including 3 episodes as portrayed by Charles Escamilla, and 3 episodes as portrayed by William Marquez.

Season 9 characters

Since the ninth season turned out to be a dream of Pamela's, none of the characters appearing exclusively during season nine can be said to existed within the Dallas fictional universe from season ten and on.

Character Actor #
Angelica Nero Barbara Carrera 25
Grace Van Owen Merete Van Kamp 17
Matt Cantrell Marc Singer 12
Nicholas George Chakiris 11