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Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that usually focuses on information technology (computers, cyberspace, hacking) with a dystopian theme. Most cyberpunk stories take place on Earth in a near-future not totally different from the current state of things. The tone of cyberpunk is very similar to noir, with themes also prevalent in detective fiction.

Cyberpunk has always been more of a literary genre, and the number of television series in the genre is limited. However, cyberpunk themes do regularly appear in more general science fiction works such as Star Trek and cyberpunk is a common genre for Japanese anime.

Common elements of cyberpunk

  • online networks (the Internet, cyberspace, the Matrix)
  • computers are omnipresent
  • artificial intelligence
  • body modification (technological implants, cyborgs, genetic engineering)
  • cultural mingling (i.e. American cities where the dominant culture is distinctly Asian)
  • governmental oppression
  • heroes with a Wild West, "cowboy" mentality and/or demeanor

Examples of cyberpunk series