Æon Flux

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Æon Flux
Æon Flux
Premiere August 8, 1995
Finale October 10, 1995
Creator Peter Chung
Network/Provider MTV
Style 30-minute animated cyberpunk action
Company Colossal Pictures,
MTV Animation,
Monte Carlo Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 10 (plus 11 shorts)
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Æon Flux is a complex animated sci-fi action series starring the title character, Æon Flux. Æon is an enigmatic spy and terrorist who takes on missions to further her unknown cause. More often than not, they involve defying Trevor Goodchild, the oppressive leader of Bregnia. All though the series itself began in 1995, two seasons worth (11 total) of shorts were aired on Liquid Television prior to the first episode of this series in 1991 and 1992.

Each episode is self-contained and, for the most part, is utterly devoid of continuity, both in the sense of story and the sense of characterization of Æon and Trevor. In fact, the only things that remain static in the series are Æon Flux and Trevor Goodchild. Several endings are intentionally left ambiguous, particularly that of the episodes A Last Time For Everything and Ether Drift Theory. This allows the characters to be used in ways that would be otherwise unexpected for an action hero such as Æon. Most notably, this gives the creators the ability to kill Æon at any time as a definite and concrete ending to the episode or short (which they took advantage of in every episode of the shorts). Æon's multiple deaths are an extension of the main themes of the series like the futility of violence and Peter Chung's satire of action films.

To compliment its unusual and avant-garde writing style, Æon Flux employs a unique animation style that combines influences from Austrian figurative artist Egon Schiele, Japanese anime, European comic artists like Mœbius and, oddly enough, Rugrats. Peter Chung had previously worked on the pilot for the children's series and, in an interview on the director's cut DVD, spoke out about how frustrated he was by the restrictions on what he was able to do with the characters.

Although a second season (or fourth, if the Liquid Television shorts are counted as seasons) of 30-minute episodes was considered by Peter Chung, the new season never took shape. After the release of the 2005 live-action adaptation film starring Charlize Theron, Chung announced that he was working on a new Æon Flux adventure which would be released as a direct to DVD feature.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Denise Poirier Æon Flux
John Rafter Lee Trevor Goodchild


Season  Premiere Finale #
Shorts June 2, 1991 November 24, 1992 11
Season One August 8, 1995 October 10, 1995 10


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DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Animated Collection November 22, 2005 3


Episode Collections
Volume 1: Æon Flux 1997 1


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