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A New World
A New World
Season 3, Episode 20
Airdate May 6, 2002
Production Number 3ADH20
Writer(s) Jeffrey Bell
Director(s) Tim Minear
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AngelSeason Three

A New World is the twentieth episode of the third season of Angel, and the sixty-fourth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Vincent Kartheiser (Connor), Andy Hallett (Lorne), Stephanie Romanov (Lilah Morgan), Mark Lutz (Groosalugg), Erika Thormahlen (Sunny), Anthony Starke (Tyke), Deborah Zoe (Mistress Meerna), Keith Szarabajka as Holtz


Plot Overview


Monster of the Week

  • There is no monster of the week in this episode.

Body Count

# Whom By Whom How Where
1 Thug Tyke Shot Under an Overpass
2 Sunny Heroin Overdose Abandoned Building


There is no licensed music in this episode.

Arc Advancement



  • Holtz: Unsurprisingly, Holtz has also aged several years while in the hell dimension that he raised Connor in. He has taken on the role of Connor's surrogate father.


  • 3x16 - Sleep Tight: When Wesley attempted to escape with Angel's child, he was tricked into coming close to Justine, who slit his throat, stole the baby and left him for dead.
Lilah: Wow. I guess when she slit your throat she nicked your sense of humor.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Ratings: On its first airing, this episode scored a 3.4/5 in the overnight Nielsen ratings. It was ranked 5th out of the 15 WB shows which aired that week.
  • Credits Change-Up: Keith Szarabajka is not credited until the end of the episode in order to keep his reappearance a secret.

Allusions and References

  • Peter Pan: In James Matthew Barrie's novel and stage play, Peter Pan, the title character was a young boy who refused to grow up, so he lived in a fantasy world where he could stay young forever.
Gunn: Angel, if Peter Pan here doesn't stop...
  • Dante's Inferno: The first of three novels in the Divine Comedy series by Dante Alighieri, Dante's Inferno tells the story of a man giving a first person account of his tours through the lands of the dead (namely Hell, Purgatory and Heaven). In the 9th circle of Hell, Dante finds Satan, frozen from the waist down with three men in his jaws; Brutus, Cassius and Judas. The first two were the men who plotted to kill Julius Caesar and the last was the man who sold out Jesus Christ to the Romans.
Wesley: Dante's Divine Comedy.

Memorable Moments


  • Angel: There's no need for violence.
    Tyke: I'm sorry. Did you say "no need for violence?" You may wanna speak up, you see (points at his bandaged ear and screams) I don't hear so good any more!


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