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Winifred Burkle
Angel-Winifred Burkle.jpg
Actor Amy Acker
First Appearance 2x19 - Belonging
Last Appearance 5x15 - A Hole in the World
Series Billing 2x19 to 2x22: Recurring
3x01 to 5x15: Billed
Episode Count 63
Notable Episodes 3x05 - Fredless
4x05 - Supersymmetry
4x18 - Shiny Happy People
4x19 - The Magic Bullet
5x15 - A Hole in the World

Winifred Burkle, commonly referred to as simply Fred, is a librarian that was unknowingly made privy to the world of demons when she was transported into a demon world while shelving books. Fred has many talents, including being incredibly intelligent and wise. She is also one of the primary reasons why the world was saved from Jasmine's anti-apocalyspe. In the fifth season, Fred begins to examine a sarcophagus brought into the Wolfram & Hart laboratory, and is possessed by the ancient goddess Illyria. Amy Acker portrays Fred and later also portrays Illyria.


Basic Information

Character History

  • 5x15 - A Hole in the World: Fred gets extremely sick, prompting Angel and Spike to search for a cure in the Deeper Well. They find out that Fred has been possessed by one of the Old Ones, and that there is no cure on stopping her. At the end of the episode, Fred is completely taken over by the deity Illyria.
  • 5x20 - The Girl in Question: Fred's parents come to visit Wolfram & Hart from their home in Texas, not knowing of Fred's recent death. Illyria shapeshifts into Fred and her parents leave happily, still not knowing the truth.

Memorable Moments


  • Flash Back: Although Fred dies in A Hole in the World, Illyria shapeshifts back into the physical form of Fred in two episodes, The Girl in Question and Not Fade Away. The first comes when Fred's parents come to visit Wolfram & Hart, not knowing that their daughter has died. The second comes when Wesley is mortally wounded and Illyria grants his wish of Fred being one of the last things he sees before he dies.