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A Lime to Party
A Lime to Party
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate November 28, 2004
Writer(s) Tom McGillis
Director(s) Karen Lessmann
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The Slow and Even-Tempered
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Deck the Mall
6teenSeason One
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A Lime to Party is the fourth episode of the first season of 6teen.

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Plot Overview

Jonesy attempts to put the moves on Grind Me manager Charmaine by pretending to be a regional manager for the coffee house chain, but when Wyatt blows his cover, Jonesy earns a slap in the face from Charmaine for his trouble, while Nikki and Jude mock Jonesy's failure with a sports-style play-by-play of his pass at Charmaine. He doesn't let the blowoff bother him though, because he already has a new job lined up...

At the Big Squeeze, things are not going so great with Caitlin in charge of sales—supplies are running low, she spends more time talking on her cell phone with friends than she does tending to her customers, and the drinks she makes are of poor quality, correspondingly resulting in low profits for the stand. While checking on supplies, Caitlin turns around and suddenly notices a giant lime in the food court which had not been there when she last looked; it turns out to be Jonesy's new job, a drink stand called the Party Lime, and he puts much salesmanship and pizzazz into making his stand a popular draw with mallgoers. Even Caitlin gets into the act as she joins Jonesy's party and has a great time—until Big Steve, the owner of the Big Squeeze and Caitlin's boss, arrives and tells her that if she doesn't get sales and profits up, he plans to move the stand to a strip mall in the east end of town.

Upset by Big Steve's announcement, Caitlin cries over the potential loss of her friends to a job transfer as she breaks the bad news to Jen at the Penalty Box. Jen suggests to Caitlin that she try livening up the Big Squeeze to compete with the Party Lime by doing a "Christmas in July" theme (complete with decorations borrowed from the Khaki Barn), but the idea bombs as the lemonade stand continues to be devoid of customers other than the gang. When Jonesy gets word of Caitlin's dilemma, he decides that the success of the Party Lime is not worth the possibility of losing Cait and the Big Squeeze and he devises a plan to save her job at The Galleria by staging a prank that gets him fired by the Party Lime's owner, while Caitlin, after taking Jonesy's advice to start improving her drinks, accidentally discovers that the reason her drinks haven't been so good is because she had been forgetting to add in sugar with the lemon juice during preparation. Sales at the Big Squeeze skyrocket and it profits for the first time under Caitlin's watch, thereby saving her job when an impressed Big Steve returns and sees Caitlin improve her work ethic and turn the lemonade stand's fortunes around, while the Party Lime stand, which had been damaged in Jonesy's prank, is shut down and hauled off to a wrecking yard.

Wyatt obtains two backstage passes for a concert by rock band The Mighty Weasels, and Nikki and Jude, who are both Mighty Weasels fans (and already have concert tickets themselves), each attempt to curry Wyatt's favor and get him to pick one of them for the second backstage pass by bribing him with food and gifts and running errands for him. Wyatt enjoys the attention at first, but he soon tires of Nikki and Jude fighting over the prized second pass and he instead chooses to take Serena, his boss at Spin This, to the concert. When Nikki and Jude hear of this, they chase Wyatt to the mall fountain, where he stands in the fountain pool to keep the passes away while Jonesy and Jude restrain Nikki from following Wyatt in, but when Serena arrives and offers to keep the passes with her until concert time and pays Wyatt an affectionate compliment, Nikki (who, knowing how Wyatt feels about Serena, put in a few good words for him with her earlier) chills out and compliments him on scoring points with Serena with the passes.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Caitlin references the convenience store chain 7-Eleven when she tells Jen about the possibility of the Big Squeeze being moved to a strip mall, mentioning that a 7-Eleven would be the best nearby retail outlet at such a location

Memorable Moments

  • Jude getting into the right frame of mind for the concert by listening to a Mighty Weasels CD at a listening station at Spin This when Nikki jars him out of his zone by replacing the Weasels with some elevator music
  • Caitlin's tearful announcement to Jen about the Big Squeeze's future


  • Jude (freaking out after the Mighty Weasels are suddenly replaced with an easy listening CD in his headphones): What the...?!
    Nikki: Uh, thought you might like a little cheese to go with those crackers.
    Jude: Bra, that stuff, like, sucks the life force out of you! You do NOT wanna mess with that!