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Day 6: 8:00AM - 9:00AM
Season 6, Episode 3
Airdate January 15, 2007
Production Number 6AFF03
Written by Evan Katz,
David Fury
Directed by Brad Turner
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24Season Six

Day 6: 8:00AM - 9:00AM is the third episode of the sixth season of 24, and the one hundred twenty-third episode overall. Jack and Assad track down the bomber's handler in hopes of finding Fayed's location. Meanwhile, Ahmed holds a family hostage and forces Ray to run an errand for him.

Guest Stars: Roger Cross (Curtis Manning), Michael Angarano (Scott Wallace), Megan Gallagher (Jillian Wallace), Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed), Kal Penn (Ahmed Amar), Raphael Sbarge (Ray Wallace), Alexander Siddig (Hamri Al-Assad), Scott William Winters (FBI Agent), Al Faris (Salim), Pat Healy (Electronics Salesman), Steven Schub (Samir), James Parks (Guardsman #1), David Michael (Guardsman #2)

Co-Stars: Jim Klock (Supervising National Guard), Sammy Sheik (Masheer), Shaun Majumber (Hasan Numair), Bruce Gerard Brown (Escort Guard)


Plot Overview

Fayed has called in to take credit for the latest string of bombings and sets his demands out for the president. He claims that there are 110 "enemy combatants" being held in a prison facility, which he claims to be a violation of international law. He explains that he will only issue his request once and if these men are not released, the consequence will be dire. While the president mulls over Fayed's ceasefire offer, Jack and Assad make an agreement over working with CTU on tracking the bomber handler back to Fayed. Unfortunately for them, they can't get a satellite up to track the car, leaving Jack and Assad to formulate a new plan.

While Curtis makes his way to Jack's location, Jack steals a jeep and stages a car wreck in order to infiltrate Assad into the handler's transportation. With the handler's car out of commission, he gets into Assad's vehicle and the two drive off to Fayed's location. Before the handler gets into his car, however, Assad bugs their conversation by calling Jack and leaving his cell phone open. The call is also redirected to CTU so that they can follow the conversation.

In the base of operations, Fayed is alerted that the prison facility is buzzing with activity and the transport buses are starting to arrive. He claims that by the time the prisoners are in the air, "it will be too late," but one of his cell members warns him that they're still missing a component. Across town, Ahmed is holding the Wallace family hostage in order to treat his wounds. He demands that Ray deliver the package for him and pick up a second component from the receiver.

Although CTU is in the process of tracking down Fayed, the President decides to go ahead with the loading of the prisoners in compliance with Fayed's demands. Jack meets up with Curtis' strike team, but Curtis isn't at all happy about working with Assad. While the White House supervises the coordination of the prisoners, word comes back to President Palmer about his sister's arrest. He arranges her release, but refuses to release Walid, the head of the organization. Things escalate further when Walid is taken to interrogation for defending an innocent man.

The handler and Assad have finally reached their destination and the man is acquired on satellite. The CTU agents meet back up with Assad, but the grudge from Curtis is highly evident. He's checked for weapons and taken into custody while the moving perimeter sets up behind the handler. He opens a locker in a self storage facility which has several cases of ammunition and C4 explosives, which causes the CTU team to move in on the handler. Once he realizes that all is lost, he pulls the pin on a grenade and blows up himself and the locker full of ammunition. They recover the laptop he was using, but the suspect is dead. The president has no choice but to load the prisoners onto the plane.

As per Ahmed's demands, Ray is dropping off the package he was given. Marcus cuts open the box to find a large stack of money. But, Marcus claims that it's not enough and that the component cost him more than he thought it would have. He demands another $50,000 but Ahmed tells him to get the component no matter what, but he doesn't have the money that he needs. Ray is forced to club Marcus over the head with a lamp and steal the component.

In the field, Chloe has recovered the most recently accessed file, which with Assad's help they figure out is a wiring schematic for a detonator to a nuclear bomb. The bomb is traced back to a suitcase nuke developed by the Russians which escaped destruction by way of a nuclear scientist with terrorist ties. The discover that the scientist is a terrorist being released from the Palmdale prison called Hasan Numair. They search the plane, but Numair isn't on the plane, he's hiding in the lavatory at the back of the transport bus and the guard is complicit in Fayed's plan. He allows Numair to escape while the rest of the prisoners are searched.


Body Count

# Killer Victim Method
1 Handler Handler Grenade
2 Ray Marcus Head bashed in
3 Guard Bus Driver Shot

Arc Advancement


  • Fayed's Bomb: Although the handler is killed during the shootout with CTU, the team manages to recover a file off of a laptop which points to Fayed having a nuclear bomb. They figure out that the bomb is a suitcase nuke bought from a nuclear scientist named Hasan Numair, a man who is freed from the Palmdale Prison Facility.




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