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Day 6: 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Day 6: 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Season 6, Episode 2
Airdate January 14, 2007
Production Number 6AFF02
Written by Manny Coto
Directed by Jon Cassar
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24Season Six

Day 6: 7:00AM - 8:00AM is the second episode of the sixth season of 24, and the one hundred twenty-second episode overall. Jack escapes from Fayed's control and attempts to rescue Hassad before he's killed in the military air strike.

Guest Stars: Roger Cross (Curtis Manning), Harry Lennix (Walid Al-Rezani), Kal Penn (Ahmed Amar), Michael Angarano (Scott Wallace), Megan Gallagher (Jillian Wallace), Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed), Raphael Sbarge (Ray Wallace), Alexander Siddig (Hamri Al-Assad), Scott William Winters (FBI Agent), Steven Schub (Samir), Eric Bruskotter (Stan)

Co-Stars: Adrian R'Mante (Omar), Van Epperson (Ticket Agent), Alfred Woodley (FBI Agent Nichols), Muttalib Ibrahim (Malek), Julie Quinn (I.A.A. Staffer), Hrach Titizian (Zamil), Herzl H. Tobey (Middle Eastern Man #2), Sammy Sheik (Masheer), Marci Michelle (CTU Worker), Patrick Sabongui (Nasir)


Plot Overview

At Fayed's terrorist cell, Jack has narrowly escaped capture and execution by Fayed, who told him too much about his plan while in the moment of torturing the man who killed his brother. In a parking garage, Jack breaks out the window of a car with a can of paint and uses the cell phone inside to call CTU. He asks that Bill Buchanan call off the air strike against the supposed leader, Hamri Al-Assad, and instead focus on the actual culprit but runs into trouble when Bill can't rescind a presidential order. While waiting to be transferred to the White House, Jack hotwires the car he broke into. Karen Hayes and the Chief of Staff argue with Jack about whether or not he's of the right mind to make a decision about who exactly is the terrorist leader in question. President Palmer makes a decision to continue with the air strike, but Jack isn't satisfied and decides to head for Assad himself.

The attack helicopters are five minutes away from Assad's location, but Jack is already at the house that his operation is holed up in. He knocks out a guard by clubbing him with a large wooden log and steals his gun. Jack sneaks into the house using another member of Assad's team as a human shield and attempts to reason with Assad in a Mexican stand-off situation. Eventually, Jack gets through to him and they figure out who the mole in Assad's organization is before escaping the military strike. Everyone in the house is killed except for Jack, Assad and Fayed's mole.

Meanwhile, the FBI is following up on the Chief of Staff's attempts to round up Muslim Americans by confiscating the personnel records of the Islamic-American Alliance, which is represented by Sandra Palmer, sister to the president. She asks them to leave when they explain that they don't have a warrant. She calls her brother in protest of the FBI performing "ethnic profiling" and suggests that he start his investigation with Thom Lennox. Her plea is interrupted when Buchanan calls in with his discovery that Assad is not among the dead in the building but CTU is sealing a perimeter to try and capture them.

As CTU sets up their perimeter, Jack and Assad hole up in an empty house and take this time to torture information out of the mole. Pressed by the time constraint, Jack asks that Assad involve CTU in finding Fayed, but Assad refuses because he knows that he'll spend days in interrogation while Fayed is loose. Frustrated with the lack of answers he has been getting, Jack is resigned to the belief that the man isn't going to tell them anything. Assad takes over, stabs a knife under the mole's kneecap and gets him to talk quickly. He tells them that some of Fayed's men were told to go to Figaro & 6th after Assad was killed. Convinced that he has no more information to give, Assad stabs the mole in the chest.

While this is going on, Chloe has discovered proof that Jack was responsible for letting Assad escape, but Buchanan insists that they keep this a secret until Jack accomplishes what he sets out to do. Back at the IAA, Sandra Palmer is having more problems with the FBI who have returned with a warrant. Palmer insists that the administrative warrant isn't valid in this situation and goes to work on deleting the files while the FBI is distracted. The FBI puts Palmer and Walid Al-Rezani under arrest so that they can impound every bit of evidence in the office.

Fayed's plan continues when Ahmed goes back to his house to pick up the package hidden in his wall. But after retrieving it, he's attacked by the contractor from down the street who is venting his anger against terrorists against anyone of Muslim descent (even though Ahmed actually is a terrorist in this situation). During the altercation, Ahmed shoots Stan in self-defense and turns on his neighbor who insists that they go to the hospital.

Jack and Assad have tracked Fayed's suicide bombers down to a subway station at the address given by the mole. They split up at this point and allow the bomber to get on the train so Jack can foil the attack while Assad keeps track of the handler, who will return to Fayed's base of operations. Before long, the man's nerves get to him and he attempts to detonate the bomb, but Jack fights with him to try to wrestle away the detonator. Jack fails, but he manages to kick the suicide bomber out the back of the train just as he's detonating his bomb. Jack hits the emergency stop button and escapes out the back in order to meet back up with Assad. Although Jack stopped this attack, two other simultaneous attacks occurred in Chicago and Baltimore, killing dozens.

Word gets back to CTU that Jack stopped the third bombing attempt, as well as an interception of a call to Fayed which implicates him in the attacks. This also gets back to the White House, causing President Palmer to realize that he was wrong all along.


Body Count

# Killer Victim Method
1/2/3/4 US Air Force Assad's Men Missile Assault
5 Hamri Al-Assad Fayed's Mole Stabbed in the Chest
6 Ahmed Stan Shot
7 Suicide Bomber/Jack Bauer Suicide Bomber Explosion/Kicked Out of a Moving Train

Arc Advancement


  • Bombings: Three more bombs are set off around the country. Two successful car bombings occur at a Chicago hotel and a Baltimore mall. The last bomb is detonated, but misses its target because of Jack's interference.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Dedication: At the end of this episode, a card dedicating the episode to the aircrew of Gunshot 66 is shown. Gunshot 66 was a Marine Corps aircrew made up of Maj. Gerald "Beav" Bloomfield and Capt. Michael "Martini" Martino. Their helicopter was shot down over Western Iraq on November 2, 2005. It is likely that the Cobras used in this episode were from Camp Pendleton, CA, where Gunshot 66 was based out of.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Jack: I don't know how to do this anymore.
    Assad: You'll remember.


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