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Araz Family Cell
Cell Leader Navi Araz
averted / succeeded
Transfer the briefcase to Omar's cell
Avoid being detected
Cell Kills 2
Estimated Size 3
Known Cell Members Navi Araz
Dina Araz
Behrooz Araz
Cell Status Navi Araz(Killed)
Dina Araz (Killed)
Behrooz Araz (switched sides)

The Araz Family cell is a subset of Marwan's group of terrorist cells. It was a sleeper cell, and hence was to remain undetected at all costs. It was headquartered in the Araz family residence in a suburb of Los Angeles.


Their primary objective was to transfer the briefcase from the Train Job Cell to Omar's Cell.

They apparently had other objectives, but what those were never became clear.


The briefcase was successfully transferred to Omar's cell by Behrooz Araz, but he had been followed by his girlfriend Debbie Pendleton.

To make absolutely sure that she never revealed that Behrooz was at the bunker used as a base by Omar's cell, Dina Araz invited Debbie over and poisoned her drink.

When Behrooz became upset with his parents for murdering his girlfriend, Navi decided that Behrooz had to be killed. He called Tariq and had him take Behrooz to bury Debbie's body. However, Behrooz was not an idiot, and got the drop on Tariq, hitting him with a shovel. Tariq told him that his father was the one who wanted him dead. Behrooz finished beating Tariq to death and drove off.


  • Behrooz's two kills do not count towards the kills of the entire cell because they were counter to the goals of the cell.