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Train Job Cell
Cell Leader Tomas Sherik(?)
averted / succeeded
Retrieve the Briefcase
Deliver Briefcase to Araz Family
Cell Kills 32 (35)
Estimated Size 3
Known Cell Members Tomas Sherik
Maurice Lansdress
Cell Status Sherik (Captured)
Lansdress (Captured)
Dar (Unknown)

The Train Job cell is a subset of Marwan's group of terrorist cells. CTU suspected that Tomas Sherik was the terrorist behind the train bombing, although that remains unsubstantiated. Tomas Sherik was captured when hiding out at a terrorist-front laundromat owned by Maurice Lansdress.


The Cell's objectives were to steal a briefcase containing the Override Device, which was handcuffed to Brody, a passenger on a train, then deliver it to the Araz family.


The cell achieved the first goal by placing a truck full of C4 onto the track, causing the train to derail. A man named Dar rode up on a motorcycle, shot Brody and used bolt cutters to remove the briefcase. Dar then delivered the briefcase to the Araz Family Cell.