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Omar Cell
Cell Leader Omar
averted / succeeded
Plant a computer virus on the Internet
Prevent the virus from being detected until after Heller's execution time
Abduct Secretary Heller
Transfer the Briefcase to the Powell Cell
Broadcast images of the captured Heller
Execute Heller
Cell Kills
Estimated Size 19
Known Cell Members Omar
Cell Status Omar (Killed)
Kalil (Suicide)
Others (Killed)

Omar's cell is a subset of Marwan's group of terrorist cells. Its objectives were many and complicated. It was headquartered in a bunker complex a few miles ouside of Los Angeles.


First, they had to plant a computer virus onto the sites of several major corporations undetected. This virus's purpose was to turn infected computers into zombies that would attack the firewalls of nuclear power plants across the country. If at all possible, this was to be undetected.

Second, they had to abduct Secretary Heller. The time and place of this abduction was provided by Marwan. Secretary Heller was protected by approximately five Secret Service agents. The assault took place outside of Richard Heller's house, and involved several vehicles and heavy weapons such as a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Third, the cell was to wait for the Briefcase containing the Override to be delivered, then turn it over to Powell when he arrived.

Fourth, the cell was to broadcast the images of the captured Secretary Heller over the Internet, which would cause many Americans to use the Internet at once, unknowingly becoming infected with the virus, and disguising the attack on the firewalls of the power plants.

The final objective was to execute Heller at a certain time, to minimize the time before the attack on the nuclear power plant became apparent.


The virus was successfully planted, but it was detected by Andrew Paige, a friend of Chloe O'Brian. Somehow, the Omar cell was somehow able to locate Andrew's tap, and they dispatched Kalil and another man to eliminate everyone at that location. Andrew managed to evade the assassins, but they learned his name.

Kalil went to Andrew's house, killed his mother and quickly cloned Andrew's cell phone. He was able to listen in on calls to his phone. He pretended to be Jack Bauer and abducted Andrew from a train station. Ronnie Lobell and Jack attempted to intercept Kalil, but he killed Lobell and a security guard. Jack disregarded orders to capture Kalil and followed him instead.

Eventually Kalil left Andrew with two men who were going to kill him. Jack killed the two men and resumed following Kalil, even staging an armed robbery to delay him long enough for Chloe to divert satelltie resources so he could be tracked form outside of Jack's visual range. Kalil realized he was being followed and committed suicide by driving into the path of a large truck.

Heller attempted to escape and killed 3 of the terrorists before he was surrounded. Heller was coerced into signing a document denouncing the United States when Omar threatened Audrey.

The remaining members of the cell were killed off when Jack Bauer located the bunker and radioed its location in to CTU. Jack used a silenced pistol to kill several guards, and he rescued Secretary Heller seconds before his execution. Jack, Secretary Heller and Audrey held off the guards until a pair of US Marine helicopters arrived and cleaned out the remaining terrorists.

The briefcase from the train was found at the compound.

Despite the rescue of Andrew, the virus was not discovered until it had already done it's work of disabling the firewalls of the Nuclear power plants.


  • CTU thermal scans of the bunker estimated there to be 16 hostiles. Add that to the two killed by Heller and Kalil gives an estimated size of 19.