Wonderfalls/Season One

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Season One
Season Premiere March 12, 2004
Season Finale April 1, 2004
Episode Count 13 (9 unaired)

Season One (2004) of Wonderfalls premiered on March 12, 2004. After poor ratings, FOX switched the show's timeslot, but inadvertently put it up against the ratings hit CSI. After continued poor ratings, it was canceled after only four weeks.


The episode Pink Flamingos was aired out of order on FOX, it was the second one produced after the aired pilot. It was reordered for the DVD release.
# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Prod.
    Unaired Pilot Todd Holland &
Bryan Fuller
Todd Holland unaired
1 1 Wax Lion Todd Holland &
Bryan Fuller
Todd Holland March 12, 2004 1AHM79
2 2 Karma Chameleon Liz W. Garcia Todd Holland March 19, 2004 1AHM10
3 3 Wound-Up Penguin Tim Minear Marita Grabiak March 26, 2004 1AHM12
4 4 Pink Flamingos Gretchen J. Berg &
Aaron Harberts
Todd Holland April 1, 2004 1AHM01
5 5 Crime Dog Krista Vernoff Allan Kroeker unaired 1AHM02
6 6 Muffin Buffalo Gretchen J. Berg &
Aaron Harberts
Craig Zisk unaired 1AHM05
7 7 Barrel Bear Tim Minear &
Bryan Fuller
Jamie Babbit unaired 1AHM03
8 8 Lovesick Ass Dan E. Fesman &
Harry Victor
Todd Holland unaired 1AHM04
9 9 Safety Canary Liz W. Garcia &
Alexander Woo
Peter Lauer unaired 1AHM06
10 10 Lying Pig Krista Vernoff &
Abby Gewanter
Peter O'Fallon unaired 1AHM07
11 11 Cocktail Bunny Bryan Fuller Todd Holland unaired 1AHM08
12 12 Totem Mole Harry Victor &
Dan E. Fesman
Jeremy Podeswa unaired 1AHM09
13 13 Caged Bird Krista Vernoff Michael Lehmann unaired 1AHM11