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City of License Marianna, Florida
Market Panama City, Florida
Channel 51 digital
Previous: 51 analog (2001-09)
Network Affiliation Current: Daystar
Formerly: Pax TV (2001-04), UPN (2004–06), Retro Television Network (2006-09), This TV (2009)
Founded 2001
Company Daystar Television Network
Current Popular
Non-Network Shows

WBIF is the call sign of a station broadcasting on channel 51 digital from Marianna, Florida. The station is part of the Panama City market.

WBIF went on the air in 2001 as a Pax station. It switched to UPN in 2004 and was slated to be the market's affiliate for The CW after UPN and the WB shut down and merged in 2006. The CW wound up on a subcarrier of the NBC affiliate WJHG/channel 7, with WBIF lining up with the ad hoc Retro Television Network (Retro TV). A contract dispute between Equity Media and Retro TV caused WBIF to surrender Retro TV. The station became affiliated with another ad hoc network, This TV, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer facility which specializes in general entertainment for digital subcarriers.

WBIF went off the air on June 12, 2009 and signed back on in October 2009 after completing bankruptcy filing, sale of the station to religious network Daystar, and constructing a digital transmitter.