Veronica Mars/I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

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I Know What You'll Do Next Summer
Season 3, Episode 18
Airdate May 15, 2007
Production Number 3T5818
Written by Jonathan Moskin
& David Mulei
Directed by Nick Marck
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Veronica MarsSeason Three

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Veronica Mars, and the sixty-second episode overall. Veronica is hired by a man claiming to be the father of a Hearst student who published a book about being a Ugandan child soldier.

Starring: Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel), Ryan Hansen (Richard "Dick" Casablancas), Julie Gonzalo (Parker Lee), Chris Lowell (Stosh "Piz" Piznarski), Tina Majorino (Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie), Michael Muhney (Sheriff Don Lamb) (credit only), Francis Capra (Eli "Weevil" Navarro) (credit only)

and Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars)

Guest Starring: Nelsan Ellis (Apollo Bukenya), Babs Olusanmokun (Kizza Oneko), Daran Norris (Cliff McCormack), Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe), Edi Gathegi (Zeke Molinda), Rod Rowland (Liam Fitzpatrick), Adam Rose (Max), Michael Charles Roman (Wilson Behan), David Starzyk (Richard "Big Dick" Casablancas, Sr.), William Bumiller (Mr. Lee)

Co-Starring: Brandon Hillock (Deputy Sacks), Noel True (Olympia), Tom Connolly (Harry), Elizabeth Karr (Prof. Lisa Tonon), Timothy Lee Depriest (Tommy Shaw), Cindy Hogan (Mrs. Lee), Walker Clark (Pizza Guy), Steve Bean (Homeowner Association Guy), Sean McHugh (Volunteer)


Plot Overview

Keith shares a moment of bonding with Piz, a potential kiss of death for any kind of relationship with Veronica, over the Ugandan child soldier he'll be interviewing for the radio station but is quickly called away on police business when a string of burglaries crosses the threshold into crime wave territory. While he's coordinating the deputies, Veronica is taking the P.I. exam to ensure her father's legacy.

After finishing her exam, Veronica makes her way through the sprawling job fair to meet Piz in the radio booth at the tail end of his interview with Apollo Bukenya. After which, he informs Veronica that he'll be moving to New York for 12 weeks to do an internship, but she doesn't have quite the troubled response he expected from her. She returns to the Mars Investigations office to gloat to her father about surpassing his score (she didn't, he scored a 97 and she scored 95) and receives her first case as a legal P.I., to prove that Apollo Bukenya is the son of a man who called the office.

Veronica takes this opportunity to Wallace, who explains to her that he just wants a cut of Apollo's fame and fortune but she isn't so certain that this cynical viewpoint is accurate. Kizza Oneko, the alleged father, sent her a PDF file containing a letter written by a woman who he claims is Apollo's mother and she's faced with getting a sample of her handwriting without tipping off Apollo to what's going on. She tracks him down to a class and poses as a reporter for the Hearst Free-Press to get some time with him. During Veronica's interview with Apollo, he showed her a copy of a shopping list given to him by his mother before he was abducted. It matches up perfectly with the PDF letter.

Meanwhile, Keith tracks down the burglar to Tommy Shaw, who has connections with the Fitzpatricks. Also, Logan is subjected to meeting Parker's parents, who are crazed germophobes that don't care much for him at all. But, Parker doesn't want to spend the summer with her parents. When she realizes that she's got nowhere to go, Logan offers her his suite at the Neptune Grande because he'll be in South America with Dick for most of the summer. She doesn't take this news lightly as it appears to be an indictment against their relationship. Parker is forced to go to Veronica with these problems because Mac has fallen into "the black hole of new love," which she may have been ejected from due to Max's revelation that he doesn't go to class and will likely be expelled.

While waiting for Kizza's next phone call, Veronica has another one of Piz's "where are we" questions sprung on her. He tells her that he was offered a far less glamorous internship with a local Neptune radio station. She tells him to go with whatever will get him to his destination career, which again isn't quite what he was looking for from her. Veronica gets the call and tells Kizza to get on the next plane to California, which is subsequently followed by a call from Apollo who asks her to meet him in the library. She's been caught red-handed by the editor of the Free-Press.

Keith meets with Liam in his office, who insinuates that he won't be sheriff for long because of his connection with Kendall Casablancas' death and the money that never made it back to Liam. He also suggests that the crime wave won't let up until he gets his money and that someone more sympathetic to his cause will get the job instead.

Veronica is forced into confrontation with a displeased Apollo, who tells her that Kizza could have easily forged the shopping list because it had been published in the past. Veronica assures him that there are ways to prove paternity with a blood test, but Apollo is not interested in this. After being shut down completely by Apollo, he goes missing and Veronica is forced to track him down through a variety of sources before Kizza arrives. She gets some leads, but most of them have nothing for her except for Zeke Molinda, the African Student Alliance head who claims that Apollo didn't write Soldier of Fortune and that he was never conscripted.

Wallace tells her that she shouldn't do anything because his book, true or not, is helping a real organization fighting a real problem. She's told by Apollo's girlfriend Olympia that he's ready to talk with her about his father and that she should stop by his dorm. Veronica walks in on him arguing with someone over the phone about "pulling the plug" and leaves to pick up his laundry, leaving Veronica ample time to discover that he was talking with Silver Pictures, who had optioned his book for a movie. Veronica takes this news to Kizza with the warning about finding financial security which will not exist. Kizza insists that he has no interest in Apollo's finances, but doesn't show up for the blood test.

Back at the sheriff's department, Keith accuses Vinnie Van Lowe of colluding with the Fitzpatricks against homes using the Safehouse security systems to manufacture a crime wave that would put him in power. Vinnie admits it with his body language but tells Keith that he can't prove it. The law does get one mark to their credit though, as Richard Casablancas, Sr. has returned to Neptune to turn himself back in (much to the chagrin of Dick, whose South American surf trip has been wrecked by this turn of events).

An hour passes at Mars Investigations and Apollo is convinced that the man is not showing up. He explains to her that the whole situation with his fraud was a ruse. He cooked the scheme up to separate those who he can trust apart from those that he can't and Veronica was simply playing a part in the hoax. He gets up to leave but Veronica gets a car from her father, who has Kizza locked up for driving a rental car with stolen tags. Veronica and Apollo meet with Kizza at the sheriff's department and Kizza has knowledge of Apollo's mother that he could not know without being who he claims to be. Veronica leaves the two to talk and, across town, Wallace signs up to volunteer with the Invisible Children.

Meanwhile, Logan's trip gets called off by Dick even though he hates being with his father and feels personally responsible for everything his brother did. Finally, Veronica gets her internship with the FBI.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Social Issue: This episode was made because of Ryan Hansen, who confronted the cast and Rob Thomas with the organization and their cause. Hansen appeared at the end of the episode's original broadcast in a public service announcement on behalf of the Invisible Children organization.

Allusions and References

  • Pitchfork Media: Piz mentions that he's been offered an internship with a website called Pitchfork Media. Pitchfork is a respected website which primarily covers indie rock and other related genres. Piz notes their record reviews which are notoriously in-depth and literary, when compared against the average review. They are not, however, located in New York City. Their headquarters is in Chicago, a city where they host an annual music festival.
Piz: I got offered an internship with Pitchfork Media.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto is a series of video games where the player takes on the character of a rising mobster who takes jobs from various gangs to rise to the top of a crime empire. As of the airing of this episode, there have been four installments of the game with several off-shoots and expansions. He is most likely playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the only game to star a black man as the main character.
Apollo: Please don't lead your story on how I like to play Grand Theft Auto.

Memorable Moments


  • Mac: I'm in the porn version of Groundhog Day.
Max: Poundhog Day?
  • Mac: Love makes me lazy. It's a dangerous drug. It kills more brain cells than crystal meth.