Veronica Mars/Felix's Murder

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The dead Felix
Felix was a member of Weevil's biker gang. On the night Aaron Echolls was arrested for Lilly Kane's death there was a confrontation between the gang and Logan Echolls, in which Felix wound up dead from a stab wound.

Logan was on the bridge that night after drinking heavily. This binge was instigated by Veronica, who broke up with him and accused him of being Lilly's murderer. Weevil overheard Veronica's suspicions while she was talking to her father on her cellphone at school. This information prompted him to attempt to attack Logan once in the parking lot of the school, but his attempt was unsuccessful due to the police appearing to take Logan away. Weevil had not learned of Aaron Echoll's arrest when he found Logan on the bridge that night. (1x22)

Weevil approached Logan, who was standing on the guard rail drinking. Weevil was suddenly distracted by a passing car, which gave Logan the opportunity to kick him in the face and knock him out. Felix then told Logan that he made a bad move, he and the other gang members (six in total) pulled him to the ground and beat him bloody and unconscious. Later on, Logan was woken up with a knife in hand next to the dead Felix.


The Suspects


  • Thumper is another member of Weevil's gang, who with some blackmail turned the rest of the gang against Weevil, and took over for himself. He immediately began selling drugs for the Fitzpatrick's; a bigger, more dangerous gang in Neptune.
  • After losing control of the gang, Weevil accused Thumper of killing Felix. It appears to be true.
  • Weevil stole a payment that Thumper was to give to the Fitzpatricks, causing Thumper to be killed.
  • Thumper was chained to a bathroom fixture in a stadium that was about to be destroyed. Ironically, Logan Echolls himself pressed down the plunger that set off the explosives that destroyed the building, killing Felix.

Logan Echolls

  • Logan throws the knife in the river and drives off, heading to Veronica's house. (2x01)
  • The person who finds Logan and Felix leaves the scene before the police arrive. (2x01)
  • The man who claims he made the anonymous call to the police came forward suggesting that Logan is responsible. He claims Logan was holding the knife yelling racial obscenities and threatening the man not to say anything. (2x06)
  • Logan lied about not remember anything from the bridge. He was able to spot that the man who comes forward is not the same man who found him. (2x07)


Another gang member

  • Weevil says that nothing in his gang ever happens without him knowing about it. However, Weevil didn't know about the shotgun blast that blew out a window in Logan's car while Logan and Veronica were in it, an act that was presumably the work of one of the gang members. (2x01)


  • The passer-by who discovered Logan dialled 911 and left the scene, but is not clearly seen on screen (only from Logan's fuzzy point-of -view) (2x01)
  • The person reporting to the police (2x06) does not appear to be the same person seen in Logan's flashback (2x01)

Dr Tom Griffith

  • The person reporting to the Sherrif's Department as a witness is, indeed, not the same person seen by Logan and is in fact a plastic surgeon. Followed by Veronica, he visits a cigar store which Keith later reveals is a well-known front for drug dealing (2x07).

The Fighting Fitzpatricks

  • Dr Griffith is a confidant and trusted associate of the Fighting Fitzpatricks, who violently threaten Veronica when she investigates 2x08)