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Bad Will Hunting
Season 1, Episode 9
Airdate August 26, 2007
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Total Drama IslandSeason One
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Bad Will Hunting is the ninth episode of the first season of Total Drama Island.

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Plot Overview

The campers are rudely roused from their slumber by the loud noise of Chris flying over the camp in a helicopter. Heather asks Beth and Lindsay to warm up the shower for her and a short time later, a long line can be seen outside the communal washroom waiting for Heather to finish. Shortly afterward, Chris is heard over the loudspeakers asking the campers to assemble at the campfire pit. At the campfire, Chris says today's challenge is about survival with a paintball deer hunt for the teams, he then reveals an arsenal of paintball guns. Chris states the Killer Bass hunters are Harold, Geoff and Bridgette using blue paintballs and the Gopher hunters are Owen, Leshawna, Beth and Lindsay using orange paint with everybody else taking the roles of "deer" wearing antler headgear and deer tails.

Out in the woods, the "deer" are unhappy about their roles except for Cody, who says in the Confessional Can that he is used to dodging things in real life. Heather says she's going to get Beth and Lindsay to protect her for the entire time of the game and cavalierly dismisses a suggestion from Gwen that this would be illegal under the rules. The scene shifts to the Killer Bass hunters where Harold tries to console Bridgette, who thinks hunting of any kind is wrong, by saying Heather is one of the deer and this point improves Bridgette's outlook quite a bit.

Just after Chris announces the hunt has started, Owen splashes urine on himself to mask his scent, to the revulsion of the others. Beth and Lindsay are snarled at by Heather, who orders Lindsay to get her berries and Beth to get a bag of non-barbecue potato chips from the dining hall. In a Confessional Can session, Beth complains that Heather can be so bossy in her attitude with her and other people.

Owen continues to prowl the woods, spots DJ nearby and tries to sneak up on him. Elsewhere, Beth sneaks into the main lodge past Chef's watchful eyes for the chips Heather demanded. Back with Owen, the hunter is suddenly startled by a snake and DJ, alerted to Owen's presence, runs off followed by Owen. Back at the mess hall, Beth manages to barely get out of there with the bag of chips without Chef spotting her. In a confessional, Beth chastises herself for what she did for someone she doesn't even like.

Owen maintains his chase of DJ but only succeeds in hurting himself in the process. Beth talks with Cody and tells him she's had it with the game after risking her life for a bag of chips. Heather is angry that Beth ate most of the chips and, after finding out that the chips are barbecue, she orders Beth to get her a bag of dill pickle chips, but Beth refuses to go and stands her ground even after Heather demands that Beth take back her refusal. Moments later, Heather is shot by Harold and Bridgette. Owen heads up a hill shooting at DJ but when they reach the top, Owen has run out of paintballs and DJ tosses him off the hill into the water below.

Elsewhere, Heather calls an alliance meeting with Lindsay and interrupts Beth shooting at Sadie to tell Beth she can stay in the alliance if she apologizes for her earlier actions, but Beth refuses. The two argue back and forth with Beth stating that Heather is more concerned with bossing people around than winning challenges. At another location, Owen, soaking wet, is determined to get a deer and, spotting Duncan walking by, quickly finds a new target.

The fighting between Heather and Beth continues on with Leshawna overhearing the argument and stopping to watch. Leshawna accidentally shoots Heather by mistake and when Heather turns to angrily berate Leshawna, Beth shoots Heather as well, causing the snobby girl to fall to the ground with a charley horse in her thigh as Leshawna and Beth laugh at her misfortune.

Elsewhere, Owen is up in a tree getting ready to shoot Duncan, who is drinking from a nearby pond. However, a loud fart by Owen alerts Duncan to his presence and he runs off, and Owen falls out of the tree seconds later. Cody is alone in the woods eating chips with his confessional (filmed afterwards) showing him in a wheelchair and heavily bandaged. A moment or so later, the reason for his future state becomes clear when Cody is confronted by an angry bear.

Elsewhere, Heather shoots paintballs at Leshawna and Beth and they return the favor. In another location, Courtney and Duncan quibble over which direction the camp is located and accidentally lock antlers as a result. In confessional, Duncan says that he kinda liked having antlers locked with Courtney. Harold, Geoff and Bridgette then spot the paintball fight between Leshawna, Heather and Beth and start shooting at the latter for fun just as Chris announces that the hunt is over. Surveying the campers, Chris declares the Killer Bass the winners with a trip to a hunting camp party as a reward.

At the campfire ceremony, Heather declares she is voting off Beth and one other camper if she could. In the Confessional Can, Cody figures he's safe as he's a quick healer and everybody hates Heather but in the end, Cody is voted off the island (which, Owen points out earlier, is due to Cody's injuries from the bear mauling now making him useless in challenges) and he is wheeled to the Dock of Shame by Beth, who shows Cody the idol she took from Boney Island in the previous challenge. Beth then kisses Cody on the cheek, which makes his wheelchair (with Cody still in it) roll off of the Dock of Shame and into the lake.


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  • This episode is titled Paintball Deer Hunter for its US airing on Cartoon Network

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