The Daily Show/Philip Seymour Hoffman (October 6, 2005)

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Philip Seymour Hoffman
Daily Show 2005-10-06.jpg
"It's reconstituted Polio from 1879 -- it's the strain they never quite found a cure for."
Airdate October 6, 2005
Production Number 10128
Guest(s) Philip Seymour Hoffman
October 5, 2005
John Edwards
October 17, 2005
Dolly Parton
The Daily Show2005

This is the 128th episode of the 2005 season of The Daily Show.

Guest Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Guest)


Episode Overview



  • Avian Flu - Winged Migration
  • War on Terror - Word on Terror

"On-location" Report

Correspondent Piece

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fund', Rob Corddry (produced by Glen Clements, edited by Daric Schlesselman) - Corddry reporting on Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis' fundraiser/marketing ploy for Hurricane Katrina victims.


Philip Seymour Hoffman promoting his new movie Capote.

Correspondent Titles

Moment of Zen

Clip about how the flu proliferates through sneezes.