The Cattanooga Cats

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The Cattanooga Cats
Premiere September 6, 1969
Finale December 27, 1969
Network ABC
Style 60-minute animated comedy
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 17
Origin USA

The Cattanooga Cats was an animated comedy series that aired Saturday mornings on ABC. It was an umbrella title that featured several elements.

  • The Cattanooga Cats themselves were a quartet of musical felines--Country, Groove, Scoots and Kitty Jo--who traveled to gigs on their lifelike bus Gashopper and got involved in escapades that involved trouble. Assisting them is their sheepdog Teeny Tim.
  • It's The Wolf had a cute little lamb, Lambsy, being protected by his guardian Bristle Hound from the wise-cracking carnivore, Mildew Wolf. Lambsy would usually meet Mildew, who would go under a disguise or alias, prompting Lambsy to wonder "Is it a sad sack from Hackensack? Or a jerky turkey from Albuquerque? Uh-uh. I know who it is...It's the Wol-uf!! It's The Wol-uf! (That's who it is--the wol-uf!)" Bristle Hound would show up and launch Mildew over the horizon.
  • Motormouse and Autocat is best described as Tom and Jerry with Formula One engines. Motormouse, a motorcycling rodent, lives at the Spin Your Wheels garage, where it's Autocat's job to get rid of him. Selected episodes were shown on NBC in 1978 on the mid-season replacement Go Go Globetrotters (which featured replays of 1970's The Harlem Globetrotters) and in 1982 on CBS on the weekend edition of Captain Kangaroo.
  • Around The World In 79 Days is a revisionist series version of Jules Verne's tale. Phineas Fogg (nephew of the original Phileas Fogg), along with companions Jenny and Happy, has 79 days to circumnavigate the world in order to win his uncle's inheritance of a million pounds, while Phileas' former gentleman's gentleman Crumdon--who stands to win the inheritance if Phineas loses--and his assistants Bumbler and simian stooge Smirky try to thwart him.

Also included were blackouts with the Cattanooga Cats (many featuring them trying to ditch Chessie, an obsessive fan seeking their autographs) and a musical number with the group.

After the first season, Motormouse and Autocat was split off into a separate show, taking It's The Wolf! with it. The Cattanooga Cats, now a half-hour, was moved to Sunday mornings. In 1994, there were plans to revive The Cattanooga Cats as a revolving middle feature for the second season of 2 Stupid Dogs, but the plans were never carried out.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Bill Callaway Country 1
Casey Kasem Groove 1
Julie Bennett Kitty Jo 1
Chessie 1
Jim Begg Scoots 1
Paul Lynde Mildew Wolf 1
Allan Melvin Bristle Hound 1
Bumbler 1
Daws Butler Lambsy 1
Crumdon 1
Bruce Watson Phineas Fogg Jr. 1
Janet Waldo Jenny 1
Don Messick Happy 1
Smirky 1
Dick Curtis Motormouse 1
Marty Ingels Autocat 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 6, 1969 December 27, 1969 17


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