The Brady Bunch/54-40 and Fight

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54-40 and Fight
Season 1, Episode 15
Airdate January 9, 1970
Production Number 011
Writer(s) Burt Styler
Director(s) Oscar Rudolph
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Mike's Horror-Scope
The Brady BunchSeason One

Guest Star: Herb Vigran (Harry)


Plot Overview

Six kids, two sets of siblings and 94 books of trading stamps between them. Three problems quickly unfold:

  • The trading stamp company, where the books are redeemable, is going out of business.
  • Neither set of siblings have enough books to trade for something truly desirable; the boys have 50 and the girls 44.
  • When they realize that 94 books can buy something really good, the siblings quickly take sides on what to buy. The boys want a rowboat, the girls a sewing machine.

Mike and Carol do their best to preach compromise, but neither side is willing to give in. So, instead of taking the books away and having the parents decide what's best for the family, they decide to allow the kids to build a house of playing cards. The winning team is the one whose team member does not cause the house to fall over. The girls win, and can thank Tiger for his interference. Ignoring Alice's commands, Tiger runs into Bobby as he was placing a card on the house, causing him to knock over the house.

With victory in hand, the girls and Carol head to the trading stamp redemption center, where the exhausted store manager just wants to go home. However, the girls quibble over what sewing machine to buy, further frustrating the tired shopkeeper.

In the end, the girls don't come home with a sewing machine. Instead, Cindy proudly presents the whole family with a portable color television set.