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The Big Squeeze
Season 3, Episode 15
Airdate January 15, 1985
Production Number 1316
Writer(s) Stephen J. Cannell
Director(s) Arnold Laven
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The A-TeamSeason Three
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The Big Squeeze is the fifteenth episode of the third season of The A-Team, and the fifty-second episode overall.

Guest Stars: Tony Ciccone (Waiter), Wings Hauser (Cactus Jack Lane), Joseph Sirola (Nathan Vincent), Al Ruscio (Gino), Janine Turner (Theresa Giani), Marshall Teague, Victoria Bass, William Dyer (Claude), Clint Carmichael (Aide)


Plot Overview

A Restaurant Owner name Gino is threatened by a loan shark name Jack Lane,aka Jack The Ripper.Gino had complained about the treatment that he had been getting from Lane about some pressure that Lane was giving him about money that Gino had barrowed to open his own Restaurant.The Man that Gino had complained to about Jack is Nathan Vincent.Vincent is the Man who put Jack in charge of his Operations,which includes Loan Sharking,and Slot Machines.Jack confronts Gino,and threatens him,after (damaging Ginos hand),to to not to make anymore trouble for him with his Boss Vincent.Gino who had earlier contacted The A-Team because of the pressure put on him by Lane reconsiders hiring them.Hannibal knowing the reason why,accepts Ginos decision because of fear for himself,and his daughter Teresa.So,Hannibal decides to put Lane,and his Boss Vincent out of Business using another tactic.Hannibal will dress,and act like an Irish Immigrant who wants to borrow money from Lane to open his own Restaurant.Knowing that Lane charges exuburant rates,and will put pressure on him to pay up,Hannibal will humilate Lane in front of all of the people that he has loaned money to.With help from his Team of course.He has B.A. throw Lane out of his Restaurant literally.Lane vows revenge.Later,in the evening,Lane with a high powered telescopic Rifle fires a shot at Hannibal when Hannibal locks up the Restaurant later in the night.Two days later,there is a Funeral for Hannibal still in his Irishman disguise,and resting in a Coffin.All of the people that had borrowed money from Lane,including Gino,and his Daughter also attend the Church Service,which in reality is a Farce.Gino,and his Daughter receive a note from Hannibal delivered to by Murdock.Lane attends the Service also,but for a different reason.To let all the Shopkeepers know that he killed Hannibal.He is confident that the Police will not pin any evidence on him for Hannibal's Murder.He enters the Church alone with the intention of spitting in Hannibals face while he lays in the Coffin.Lane gets the shock of his life as Hannibal rises from his Coffin.Lane is then put inside the Coffin,and carried by the Shopkeepers to a Hertz.His right-hand Man is worried that Lane is has not come out.He suspects that Lane is in the Coffin,and drives after it to catch it,but the Team manages to shake the pursuing Car.Hannibals plan is to force Lane to reveal his Bosses name( for the purpose of putting him out of business).Fearful of being tossed into the Water,Lane gives his Bosses name,Nathan Vincent.The Team delivers Lane still in the Coffin to Vincents address.They even leave a note letting Vincent know that Jack Lane gave him up.Lane after being let out of the Coffin reads the note,and vows to kill Hannibal,and the others.The A-Team will be ready for Lane,and Vincent,and their henchmen with surprises.The A-Team will receive a surprise from Vincent which might alter their plans to nail Vincent.


This is one of those episodes where the Badguys finds out who their nemesis are.Gino is forced to reveal The A-Team as the ones giving Lane,and Vincent problems.

Arc Advancement



Hannibal,Face,Murdock,B.A.Gino,Theresa,Jack Lane,Travis,Nathan Vincent,and The Waiter.



Wings Hauser would appear in a later A-Team episode.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Hannibals Irish Accent.Lane getting thrown out of the Restaurant.Hannibal surprising Lane by rising from the Coffin.Lane,and his henchmen charging inside the Restaurant,and then exiting almost as quickly.The Showdown,and Shootout in Hannibals Restaurant,with fistfights.The ending when News of The A-Team helping to bring more criminals to justice.



If it was'nt for Lanes squeezing the Shopkeepers,The A-Team would have been contacted for help.

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