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Season 3, Episode 16
Airdate January 22, 1985
Production Number 1317
Written by Stephen Katz
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
Produced by John Ashley
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The A-TeamSeason Three
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Champ! is the sixteenth episode of the third season of The A-Team, and the fifty-third episode overall.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Special Guest Star: Alex Rocco (Monroe)

Guest Stars: Daniel Faraldo (Carenza), Greg Collins (Billy Marquette), Holly Gagnier (Tina Marquette) Dick Balduzzi (Mick Halligan), Joe E. Tata (McGrudy)

Co-Starring: Herman Poppe (Roarke), Lana Clarkson (), Jimmy Lennon ()

Featuring: Bruce Tuthill (Cook), Lou Filippo (Referee)


Plot Overview

Face has invested Money(some of it The Teams Money)on a Pugalist Fighter.The Team owns 51% of a Fighter who is a favorite to win in an up,and coming Bout.The Team is always weary win Face invest their Money in questionable investments.In this case,their fears may be justified.Their investment Dixie Joe has just been bruised up some.The Men who are responsible work for a Mobster called Sonny Monroe,who own the other half of the investment.He sends two of his henchmen to pursued Dixie Joe to through the fight.When Dixie refused,the henchmen started beaten on him..The A-Team were just about to meet their Pugalist when they saw the two men drive off in a hurry.Face manages to get the licence number of the Car.Dixie Joe refuses to tell them why.His Sister is also in the dark about what is going on with her Brother.She begs the Team to see if they can find out what is going on.The Team of course does find out.At a Restaurant where Sonny Monroe is having Dinner,Murdock disguised as a Waiter slips a microphone in a dish that Monroe had ordered.The Team learns about the upcoming Fight,and that Dixie Joe is a favorite to win.Monroe wants him to through the fight because,Monroe will bet on the other guy to win.The profits from the win would allow Monroe to go into the Drug business with another Mobster.Having listened to this the Team decides to put Monroe,and his Associate out of business.To do this,they need to get Dixie Joe out of the picture.Hannibals plan is to have B.A. spare with Dixie Joe,and have Dixie Joe pretend to brake his hand hitting B.A. thereby taking him out of the Game.B.A.would then replace Dixie Joe after some disagreements with Monroe then they would pretend to go through with the upcoming fight.They would then cross Monroe who would want to kill Hannibal,and his men,but the A-Team would be ready to deal Sonny Monroe an unexpectant blow.Monroe not being a fool,has a plan of his own that would be a surprise to Team,and especially to B.A.However,by the end the Team would emerge again victorious leaving Monroe,and his cohort serving 20-years in the Slammer.The Team had made a hefty profit in the fight.They will turn 60% of their ownership investment over to the Pugalist,and his Sister.As for Face who is always investing their money in questionable ventures,The A-Team decides to invest him into an upcoming fight where their certain to make another hefty profit.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

B.A. in a sleeplike state hears Murdock's voice,and the wod "Quick",which brings him out of his sleeplike state.Hannibal,and Team shooting up a Bookies Place.


  • Hannibal (holding bags of cocaine, with a smug on his face): Now, these beauties will land you slimeballs 20-years in the slammer, each.