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Episode 387
Season 3, Episode 29
Airdate February 11, 1982
Production Number 387
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Episode 387 is the twenty-ninth episode of the third season of Texas and the three-hundred eighty-seventh episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Kate tells Ryan that Rusty is back and then asks if everything is alright between Ginny and himself. Rikki arrives to see Brette. Adams tells Hannibal that Miles is out of jail. Miles doesn't answer a call from Brette. Grant tells Reena he is sorry if he was a bad date last night and Reena tells him she is worried that no one has heard from Striker. Ryan tells Kate that everything is fine between him and Ginny. Ryan also wonders if Miles had anything to do with the body they found. Brette asks Rikki if he can get them into the morgue to see the body. Addams assures Hannibal that they will find the Fire Compass and then Hannibal tells him that once he has the Fire Compass he can take care of Renquist. Vicky sees Grant and tells him that she hasn't heard from Striker. John tells Vivien that he smashed Mr. Wheeler's car and is worried that he will get fired. Vicky tells Reena she hasn't heard from Striker. Vicky gets upset when Reena questions her further about Striker being gone. Vicky also tells Reena that Allison stopped by and seems very lonely. Kate tells Rikki and Brette the story of the wooden puzzle and how it went from person to person and about finding the body. Allison asks Ryan for help in learning the oil business. Miles mails something to Brette. Ryan and Allison talk about the places they have been to around the world. Hannibal tells Hawker and Boots he is busy now but will back their candidate soon. Rikki tells Brette they will have to sneak into the morgue. Vivien tells John she will help make sure he doesn't get fired. Hannibal tells Hawker and Boots that he favors Marshall Oil over World Oil. Rikki tells Brette to wait at the Coop. Ryan and Grant talk about Allison and then about Hawker and Boots possibly helping World Oil. Reena tells Allison that things will be different for her now that she is working for World Oil. Rikki gets into the morgue. Rikki hides on gurney when 2 men enter.



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