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Episode 263
Season 2, Episode 157
Airdate August 14, 1981
Production Number 263
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TexasSeason Two
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Episode 263 is the one-hundred fifty-seventh episode of the second season of Texas and the two-hundred sixty-third episode overall.


Guest Starring: Stephen D. Newman (Barrett Marshall), Johnny Paycheck (Shanna Reed), Johnny Paycheck (Himself)



Plot Overview

Billy Joe tells Bobbie Sue and Roy that he got Johnny Paycheck to fill in for Rikki and Elena. Justin tells Ashley he is going to the funeral and Ashley says he isn't welcome there and she isn't going to go. Reena tells Ginny she can't go to the funeral and say good-bye to Max. Rikki and Elena stop by the Coop and Billy Joe tells them that Johnny Paycheck is going to fill in. Ginny tells Reena that Barrett wasn't very nice to her and Ryan when they showed up at the ranch last night so they didn't stay. Striker and Vicky comfort each other. Justin agrees to stay away from the funeral but says he will get control of the ranch. Elena tells Billy Joe that Ruby talked to her about moving in again and it just won't work out and Billy Joe says he understands that. Kate comforts Terry and they talk about Elena growing up and how Ryan keeps her up to date on Justin's activities. Ryan tells Ashley that Max believed Justin and Bubba were slant drilling and he wouldn't lie about so if Justin is doing dishonest things he is going to run him out of Texas. Billy Joe tells Bobbie Sue he is going to ask Nita to come over and hear Johnny Paycheck and then he is going to ask her to move back in with him. Ryan tells Ashley most people have no use for Justin but maybe that is something she can help change in him. Terry tells Kate she doesn't like Ashley and then Jeb enters and tells Terry he is sorry about Max and then Justin enters and Jeb and Terry leave and Kate tells Justin he isn't welcome here. Nita arrives at the Coop and they all hear Johnny Paycheck sing. Reena arrives at the funeral home but can't make it to the casket without needing to get some air. Kate tells Justin she is going to the funeral home and doesn't want to see him when she gets back home. Then Barrett enters and Justin tells him that Kate sold 10 acres to Ginny and Ryan and may lose the ranch to Ryan. Nita is impressed with how well Billy Joe has done with the Coop. Elena, Rikki, Jeb, Kate, Terry, Maggie, Wanda and Buddy Coleman, Ginny, Reena and Vicky all sit down for the service as Ryan and Striker continue to greet people. Justin tells Barrett that Kate is leaving her shares to Ryan but that if Barrett sells his shares to him he will see to it that Ryan is destroyed and Barrett might even get his family back. Nita tells Billy Joe she can't move back in with him but Billy Joe tells Bobbie Sue he isn't going to give up. Barrett arrives as the service begins for Max. As the service ends Reena sees Justin and tells him that he is responsible Max's death and she will destroy him.



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