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TaleSpin title.jpg
Premiere September 10, 1990
Finale August 8, 1991
Creator Mark Zaslove & Jymn Magon
Network Disney Channel
syndication (The Disney Afternoon)
Style 30-minute animated adventure
Company Walt Disney Television Animation
Seasons 1
Episodes 65
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

TaleSpin is a animated adventure that aired in syndication.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Charlie Adler Mad Dog 1
Jim Cummings Louie Lamount 1
Don Carnage 1
Trader Moe 1
Ape Goon 1
Pat Fraley Frank Wildcat 1
Ed Gilbert Baloo von Bruinwald XIII 1
Tony Jay Shere Khan 1
Chuck McCann Dumptruck 1
Gibber 1
Mayor of Cape Suzette 1
Rhino Goon 1
Janna Michaels Molly Cunningham 1
Alan Roberts Kit Cloudkicker 1
Sally Struthers Rebecca Cunningham 1
R.J. Williams Kit Cloudkicker (alternate actor) 1
Season numbers in red indicate a recurring or guest role in that season.
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Jack Angel The High Marshall of Thembria 1
Michael Bell Additional voices 1
Sheryl Bernstein The High Marshall's Wife 1
S. Scott Bullock Additional voices 1
Hamilton Camp Additional voices 1
Sheryl Bernstein Thaddeus E. Klang 1
Jennifer Darling Mrs. Snarly 1
Ron Feinberg Additional voices 1
Sheryl Bernstein Katie Dodd 1
Michael Gough Colonel Ivanov Spigot 1
Whitby Hertford Ernie 1
Danny Mann Additional voices 1
Lorenzo Music Sergeant Dunder 1
Kenneth Mars Professor Buzz 1
Hal Rayle Additional voices 1
Susan Silo Additional voices 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 10, 1990 August 8, 1991 65


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
Volume 1 August 29, 2006 3


Volume 2 November 13, 2007 3

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