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Premiere November 1, 1982
Finale 1986
Creator Mike Young
Network S4C (Wales)
BBC1 (U.K.)
RTE (Ireland)
Disney Channel (U.S.)
Style 10-minute animated children
Company Calon,
Siriol Animation
Seasons 4
Episodes 36
Origin Wales

SuperTed was an animated children's series produced and aired in Wales on S4C, originally in Welsh language. Later it was dubbed in English (for BBC1) and in Irish (for RTE).

Mike Young, creator of SuperTed, based the character on stories he would tell his stepson. He went on to write a successful series of books of SuperTed and then was approached about making it a cartoon series.

The character was a discarded teddy bear that is brought to life by the "magic dust" of a figure called Spottyman, Spotty for short. He is then given super powers to fight evil by Mother Nature. SuperTed gets his powers by uttering the words "secret magic word," and he squares off against archnemesis Texas Pete, and his henchmen Bulk and Skeleton. Also appearing in the series are Spotty's sister, Blotch.

In 1984, the English dubbed version of SuperTed came to American television via Disney Channel. In 1989, SuperTed was revived for American Television by Hanna-Barbera in The Further Adventures of SuperTed.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast (English version)
Derek Griffiths SuperTed 1 2 3 4
Peter Hawkins Narrator 1 2 3 4
Melvyn Hayes Skeleton 1 2 3 4
Roy Kinnear Bulk 1 2 3 4
Jon Pertwee Spotty 1 2 3 4
Victor Spinetti Texas Pete 1 2 3 4
Shelia Steafel Blotch 1 2 3 4
Mother Nature 1 2 3 4



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