Space Ghost Coast to Coast/Volume Three

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Volume Three
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Release Date April 12, 2005
Format DVD
Region 1
Distributor Warner Home Video
Disc Count 2
Episode Count 24
Running Time 281 Minutes
Retail Price $19.98
Video Television (1.33:1)
Audio English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles English,
Previous Volume Volume Two
Next Volume The 1998 Episodes



Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Volume Three is the third DVD box set for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It contains the all 24 episodes (but not the special) from the show's fourth season. The box set was first released in the US on April 12, 2005, and spans 2 discs. The following information applies to the Region 1 US DVD release.

Disc Breakdown

Disc One


Special Features

  • A Moment With Jon Stewart
  • Alternate Zorak Ending
  • Switcheroo Extras

Disc Two


Special Features

  • World Premiere Toon In
  • Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Interviews

Special Features

Easter Eggs

Disc One: Press the down arrow on your remote until you're not able to see the cross marks on the menu anymore and you would see outtakes with Andy Merill.

Go to the "1-4" submenu, go down until one of the red boxes [last row, second square] is seen, press it and see the creators of the show goofing around.

Go to the "5-8" submenu, press the right arrow on your remote until it hits the "Anniversary" screenshot. Then go down and you would see dots on Space Ghost's eyes to activate an "Emmy Awards" show with Space Ghost, Zorak, and Brak.


None that are known.