Space Ghost Coast to Coast/The 1998 Episodes

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The 1998 Episodes
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Sg-1998 episodes.jpg
Release Date December 7, 2007
Format DVD
Region 1
Distributor Warner Home Video
Disc Count 1
Episode Count 11
Running Time 132 Minutes
Retail Price $12.00
Video Television (1.33:1)
Audio English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles English,
Previous Volume Volume Three
Next Volume Volume Five



Space Ghost Coast to Coast - The 1998 Episodes is the fourth DVD for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It contains the all 11 episodes from the show's fifth season. The DVD was first released in the US on December 7, 2007. The following information applies to the Region 1 US DVD release.

Disc Breakdown


Special Features

  • Bonus Value Episode: An unfinished episode, Dinner with Steven
  • Kitties: Kitties running around in front of a blue screen

Easter Eggs

Highlight Kitties and press right. One of the specks on Space Ghost's face will be highlighted, choose that. You will see special Adult Swim bumpers


None that are known.