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Deep House Dish
Saturday Night Live
Deep House Dish
Actor(s) Kenan Thompson (DJ Dynasty Handbag)
Rachel Dratch (Tiara Zee)
Andy Samberg (T'Shane)
Creator(s) Kenan Thompson
First Appearance 31x06 - Eva Longoria/Korn
Last Appearance 32x20 - Zach Braff/Maroon 5
Episode Count 7

Deep House Dish is a house music talk show hosted by DJ Dynasty Handbag (Kenan Thompson). He is joined by his dimwitted co-hostess Tiara Zee (Rachel Dratch), upon whom DJ Dynasty heaps abuse whenever she makes a stupid comment, which is often. In season thirty-two, Dratch left the show, and Tiara Zee was replaced by T'Shane (Andy Samberg), who plays the same basic role as Tiara.


Basic Information

Deep House Dish is a talk show on the fictional MTV4 network devoted to house music. It is hosted by DJ Dynasty Handbag, who shares the couch with his co-host, Tiara Zee. Tiara is dimwitted and uninteresting, and she usually ends conversations with her bland, unnecessary observations. When she does, DJ Dynasty Handbag insults her and makes fun of her. Each sketch typically involves three or four 30-second performances of made-up house music songs. After each song, the performer comes over to talk with DJ Dynasty Handbag and Tiara.

As of season thirty-two, Rachel Dratch (who played Tiara) has left the show. In the first appearance of the sketch since her departure, she was replaced by T'Shane, played by Andy Samberg. DJ Dynasty Handbag explained the switch by saying he had a falling out with Tiara. Much like his relationship with Tiara, DJ Dynasty Handbag is often condescending towards T'Shane, who frequently makes bad jokes or rambles inanely until he's told to be quiet.


  1. 31x06 - Eva Longoria/Korn.
  2. 31x10 - Scarlett Johansson/Death Cab for Cutie.
  3. 31x16 - Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam.
  4. 32x07 - Matthew Fox/Tenacious D: "Beginnings Chang, DJ Luxe & Lateesa Stroh." Features the first appearance of Samberg as T'Shane.
  5. 32x10 - Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins: "Caj Cade & Dee False, Tamela Foxx & Tuhnay Griggs."
  6. 32x15 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Snow Patrol: "Legguns, Dee Dee Wells & DJ Quality."
  7. 32x20 - Zach Braff/Maroon 5: "Shereals Davis, G-Thug & Franchesca Freem."


Quotes & Catchphrases

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag: Ooo, weee, Tiara!
  • DJ Dynasty Handbag: Bokay?