Samurai Champloo/Season Two

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Season Two
Samurai Champloo
Season Premiere August 26, 2004
Season Finale March 19, 2005
Episode Count 9

Season One



Season Two of Samurai Champloo premiered on January 22, 2005. Technically speaking, the full series should have been broadcast in one "season" as per most limited anime series. However, after broadcasting the 17th episode, Fuji TV announced that it was dropping the series from its network station and moving it to a satellite network. Once the series was moved to BS Fuji, it was restarted at the first episode and ran through the first seventeen before a new episode was broadcast.

As a result of the large gap between new episodes, all official sources of information about the series (many of them from series co-producer Fuji TV) referenced the last nine episodes as a new season. Some fans have considered this to be a deliberate plot by Fuji TV, as Cowboy Bebop also experienced an event like that and was also co-produced by Fuji.


# # Title Airdate
18 1 War of the Words January 22, 2005
19 2 Unholy Union January 29, 2005
20 3 Elegy of Entrapment (1) February 5, 2005
21 4 Elegy of Entrapment (2) February 12, 2005
22 5 Cosmic Collisions February 19, 2005
23 6 Baseball Blues February 26, 2005
24 7 Evanescent Encounter (1) March 5, 2005
25 8 Evanescent Encounter (2) March 12, 2005
26 9 Evanescent Encounter (3) March 19, 2005