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Dana Mitchell
Power Rangers
Actor Alison MacInnis
First Appearance 8x01 - Operation Lightspeed
Last Appearance 9x33 - Time for Lightspeed
Series Billing 8x01 to 8x40: Billed
9x33: Guest Star
Episode Count 41
Notable Episodes 8x05 - A Matter of Trust
8x09 - Go Volcanic
8x12 - Truth Discovered
8x31 - The Last Ranger
8x36 - In the Limelight
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Dana Mitchell, an aspiring doctor, is portrayed by Alison MacInnis.


Basic Information

As a young child, Dana thought her older brother died in the car crash she and her father were also in. It was his twentieth birthday that she learned of her father's deal with Diabolico to keep him alive. A deal that would have him growing up to be evil.

Dana was a very obedient child. However, when she felt her father, Captain Mitchell was putting her on a pedestal, she would confront him about it. Even if it was for her own good. When her brother, Ryan appeared as the Titanium Ranger, Captain Mitchell forbid the Rangers from going out to battle him again. This didn't stop Dana, who snuck away to fight him alone. Also, when the other Rangers' memories had been wiped by a monster, Captain Mitchell forbid Dana from going out alone. Again, she ignored his decision and went off to fight the monster.

At some point, Carter began having feelings for Dana. However, whether these were romantic feelings or not is undetermined. As is whether or not Dana knew of these feelings as well.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Dana was the first Ranger to have a parent (in this case, father) be mentor to the team, with her brother, Ryan joining her later in the season. They would be succeeded by Cam, Nick and Mack.
  • During Time for Lightspeed, former Pink Ranger Catherine Sutherland provided the voice for Dana while morphed.


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