Outlaw Star

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Outlaw Star
Premiere January 1, 1998
Finale June 25, 1998
Creator Takehiko Ito (manga)
Network TV Tokyo
Style 30-minute anime sci-fi
Company Sunrise,
Morning Star,
Sotsu Agency
Seasons 1
Episodes 26
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

Outlaw Star is an anime drama series about two space pirates who find themselves in the possession of a highly advanced spacecraft as well as a bio-android named Melfina. Though the series is largely episodic, at the heart of the plot is a desire to find the Galactic Layline, a hidden treasure somewhere in the galaxy.

The series premiered on TV Tokyo in 1998 and was later licensed by Bandai Entertainment and ZRO Limit Productions for the production of an English dub that debuted in 2001. The series is notable for being an anime series that premiered on Toonami: Midnight Run, a late-night adult oriented cartoon block on Cartoon Network that predated Adult Swim. The series, like Cowboy Bebop, was later run on the new network after it was established.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character Duration
Main Cast
Shigeru Shibuya Robert Wicks Gene Starwind 1
Rica Matsumoto Ian Hawk Jim Hawking 1
Ayako Kawasumi Emily Brown Melfina 1
Ruby Marlowe 1
Sayuri Wendee Lee Twilight Suzuka 1
Yuko Miyamura Selece Zan Aisha Clanclan 1


Season Premiere Finale #
TV Tokyo
Season One January 1, 1998 June 25, 1998 26


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
Perfect Collection March 2, 2004 6

Complete Collection March 28, 2006 6

Episode Collections
Collection One September 1, 2000 2

Collection Two February 14, 2001 2

Collection Three March 6, 2001 2