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Richard Wilson initially turned down the part of Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave because at the age of 53 he didn't want to be playing older people. However, Victor was never meant to be a pensioner, rather, a man who had been made redundant. He wanted to work but no one else wanted him to work for them, a sad reflection of current times when those who are fifty plus find it very difficult to get the chance at a new job/career. When Richard discovered that the role of Victor had been specifically created for him, he accepted the role and as we all know, One Foot in the Grave would not be the same without him.

To throw a Meldrew is often used to explain people going over the top over small things but the writer David Renwick never aimed to make Victor look unreasonable, rather the situations that surround him were meant to make him feel out of control.

His long suffering wife, Margaret (played wonderfully by Annette Crosbie) seems to rise above all of the problems that inflict Victor except for the odd occassion where Victor gets it in the neck.

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