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Nicholas Kadi

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Nicholas Kadi
Born September 22, 1952 in Istanbul, Turkey
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
MacGyver Grodsky 1x03 - Thief of Budapest October 13, 1985
Perfect Strangers Zoltan Bauchelitis 6x05 - Family Feud October 26, 1990
Murder, She Wrote Sergei Onyegin 8x10 - The List of Uri Lermentov December 15, 1991
L.A. Law Gaidar 8x04 - Foreign Co-Respondent October 28, 1993
The Wayans Bros. Rasaan 2x06 - The Liar's Club October 11, 1995
JAG Col. Ahmad Al-Barzan 1x09 - Scimitar December 9, 1995
7 Days Saeed 1x11 - HAARP Attack January 27, 1999
24 Ahmet 4x03 - Day 4: 9:00AM - 10:00AM January 10, 2005
24 Ahmet 4x04 - Day 4: 10:00AM - 11:00AM January 10, 2005

Awards and Accolades