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This is a list of all entries on Earl's list that have been revealed one way or another. Completed items are linked to the episode they were completed in and crossed off.

(Note: Different items on the list have been announced with the same number in different episodes. The likely explanation for this is that the show's producers (or prop department) didn't think anyone would be keeping track.)



Numberless Entries

  • Took donuts from bank where I'm not a customer (Randy started in 1x11, but probably didn't finish)
  • Stole birdbath from the back of a pickup in the parking lot of some building (Randy started in 1x11, unknown if crossed off)
  • Slept with Sherry (Unknown) who was married (assume Randy marked off)
  • On Christmas Eve 1999, Earl robbed a house of Christmas presents while dressed as Santa. He told a little girl who caught him that it was her fault Christmas was cancelled. (as seen in 1x19)
  • Let a homeless guy serve time for a crime I commited (Mentioned by Earl in Buried Treasure, Might be listed as something else.
  • Broke a window (Earl paid John Sheppard for the window in Cost Dad the Election)
  • Renamed a playground game "Smear the Kenny" (seen in 2x09)
  • Kidnapped a camera man (as seen in 2x12)
  • Made a homeless mans face blue (as seen in 2x12)
  • Got Darnell stoned (Darnell forgave him on his birthday)
  • Made fun of pregnant Joy (Joy forgave him on his birthday)
  • Nearly got my parents divorced (forgiven on his birthday)
  • Played pranks on Randy (Randy forgave him on his birthday)
  • Robbed a deaf woman while she slept (as seen in 2x23)
  • Ruined Dad's vacation (seen in 3x17)
  • Threw a penny in Electrolarynx guy's tracheotomy hole (mentioned in episode 2x17 (The Birthday Party) as #165 on the list, but not listed on the list above).
  • Stole tools from worker in porto-potty then knocked it over with car. (Season 4 Ep24) (The man turned out to be Hash Brown before he became a minister)

Several of Earl's misdoings are on NBC's website for the series (Link), although they're not numbered and don't seem to fit with what is said in the series. It is presumed that the following will be dealt with but it is unknown as to where on the list they may be. This list likely contains spoilers to upcoming episodes, read at your own risk.