Mission: Impossible/Kidnap

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Season 7, Episode 11
Airdate December 2, 1972
Written by Samuel Roeca
James L. Henderson
Directed by Peter Graves
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Mission: ImpossibleSeason Seven

Kidnap is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Mission: Impossible, and the one hundred sixtieth episode overall.

Guest Stars: John Ireland (Andrew Metzger), Charles Drake (Mitchell Connally)

Co-Starring: Jack Ging (Hawks), Geoffrey Lewis (Proctor), Marc Hannibal (Eckworth), Arline Anderson (Sandra), Monty Margetts (Dowager), Glen Wilder (Henzel), Chuck Hicks (Security Guard), Edmund Gilbert (Armsby)


Plot Overview

While taking time off for rest,and recreation Jim is kidnapped by henchmen working for Andrew Metzker.Metzker is the man who was in charge of the Casino that the IMF had put out of business a year ago.Metzker had for a year been looking for who had been responsible for the Casinos closing.He had narrowed the possibilities down to Jim,and his Team.What Metzker wants is for Barney,and the others to steal an important letter that an underling is threatning to turn over to the Federal Government in exchange for immunity.The letter is being kepted in a Safety Deposit Box.Metzker gives Barney,and the other until 4:00 that afternoon toaccomplish it,or Jim will be killed.Barney contacts Willy,and Casey.They devise a plan to get the letter, to order to free Jim.Jim in the meantime plans his escape,and a surprize for Metzker,and his henchmen.A plot twist would soon develope as the letter which was in the Deposit Box to which has manage to get is stolen from her by one of Metzkers henchmen.This henchmen has his own plan for Metzker.By this episodes end,a fight will insue leaving the IMF Team the victors.


None of the Badguys in this episode were in that previous seasons episode.