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Meet the Press

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Meet the Press
Premiere November 6, 1947
Airs Sundays at 9AM (varies in some markets) (NBC)
Sundays at 6PM (MSNBC)
Creator Martha Rountree
Lawrence E. Spivak
Network/Provider NBC
Style news talk show
30-minute (1947-1992)
60-minute (1992-present)
Company NBC News
Status Currently airing
Origin USA
Official Site NBC

Meet the Press is a Sunday morning talk show on NBC. It is the longest running program in worldwide television history having been broadcast for over 60 years.



Moderator Duration
Martha Rountree 1947-1953
Ned Brooks 1953-1965
Lawrence E. Spivak 1966-1975
Bill Monroe 1975-1984
Roger Mudd 1984-1985
Marvin Kalb 1984-1987
Chris Wallace 1987-1988
Garrick Utley 1989-1991
Tim Russert 1991-2008
Tom Brokaw 2008
David Gregory 2008-2014
Chuck Todd 2014-present



DVD Releases

There are no DVD releases for this show.

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