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The Godfather
Season 5, Episode 13
Airdate February 3, 1991
Production Number 514
Written by Ralph R. Farquhar
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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Married... with ChildrenSeason Five
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The Godfather is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of Married... with Children, and the ninety-third episode overall.

Guest Stars: Ted McGinley (Jefferson D'Arcy), Lane Davies (Harry Ashland), Angel Broadhurst (Salt Water), Ann Marie Gillis (Woman), Scott Ferguson (Paperboy)


Plot Overview

Kelly's latest date is a Fortysomething Man.This Man unlike Kellys other dates is an important Man.He is an Alderman who has plans to someday run for Mayor.When the Family first learns of Kelly dating an older Man Al,and Peggy are naturally stunned.Al had plans to put a hurting on the older Man,until finds out that this Man is an important Politician.Kelly's date put in a call to have a Pothole,which has been damaging Al's Car Tires,to which Al was trying to get the City to fix,is suddenly being repaired thanks to the Aldermans call.Suddenly Als attitude towards the Man changes.He is all for his teenage Daughter dating the older/Alderman.Al envisions great things to come for the Family,and it does.Thanks to Kelly being connected with the Alderman,the Bundys are important Fixtures in the Neighborhood.Neighbors have been coming to the Bundys House currying favors.The Neighbors bring offerings of Food to which the Bundys are now living like Royalty.Even the D'Arcys curry favor.Al dresses,and acts like The Godfather(doing a Brandolike impression).The Bundys are happy with the changes...except for Bud who is feeling left out of the plans that Al has in store for the Family.Al has a plan to corner the Shoe Market.This plan Al has would enable him to,and maybe the Family to be rich,thanks to some inside information.The Bundy seem on their way to success...until an incriminating photo takened by an unknown Photographer seals the Bundys dream of success.The Photo shows Kelly,and the Alderman together in the his Limosine.That photo ends the Aldermans Career.Already a Married Man,the Public is not likely to want a Politician to be running their State.Kelly is not worried,as she has already found a new date,whos name is Saltwater.Al though unhappy with the turn of events with the photo appearing on the front page of the Newspaper,suspects other forces responsible for taking the photo of Kelly,and the Alderman.Al would like to get his hands on the one is responsible for taking the photo which has brought down the Bundy Name.Bud suddenly enters the House with a Camera around his neck,and is counting Money,and whistling The Godfather tune.


As it sometimes happens,the Bundys credit one Family Member over the others when one Family Member brings good things to the others.

Arc Advancement


Al is on the Telephone trying to get the City to fix the Pothole in front of his House.Neighbors thanking the Bundys with Food.


Al,Peggy,Marcy,Kelly,Bud,Jefferson,Harry Ashland,Salt Water,a,d Paperboy.



The second half of this episode parodies "The Godfather"Movie with Al acting like Vito Corleone,and paraquoting sayings from the Movie.Bud feeling left out,and feeling like Fredo,the weakest character from the Movie.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Al acting like Vito Corleone throughout the episode.



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