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The D'Arcy Files
Season 8, Episode 20
Airdate March 20, 1994
Production Number 820
Written by Ilunga Adell
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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Nooner or Nothing
Married... with ChildrenSeason Eight
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The D'Arcy Files is the twentieth episode of the eighth season of Married... with Children, and the one hundred seventy-seventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Robert Mandan (Walter Traugott)


Plot Overview

Al,and Jefferson play April Fool pranks on each other.While watching the Sports on T.V. Jefferson sees somebody that he seems to know.A Man name Walter Traugatt.He has a look of fear on his face,and leaves Al's House.At his House he is worried,and paces the Bedroom where Marcy enters in preparations for their role playing.Jefferson is clearly not in the mood.He tells Marcy about this Man that he saw on television,Walter Traugatt(whom it turns out is the Owner of the Football Team).Jefferson tells Marcy that he,Jefferson had worked as a Spy for their Government,and that Walter Traugatt was an Enemy Agent that he once help put away to Prison.Now being out of Prison (probably because of some influence Traugatt had)Jefferson feels that Traugatt is looking for him to kill him.Marct tries to assure Jefferson that maybe Traugatt being in Chicago is just a coincedence.Later however,Traugatt appears at Gary's Shoe Store to talk to Al.He shows Al pictures of Jefferson,and tells Al that the Man in the Pictures is a wanted,and dangerous Man,and he wants him.He offers Al a huge reward(Monetary) for his help.Al considers Traugatts offer,but talks with Jefferson concerning Walter Traugatt.Jefferson denies to Al that he is an enemy Agent,and that Walter Tragatt is the badguy.Al seems convinced,but then to be absolutely convinced he asks Jefferson who was the Vice-President under Eisenhower,to which Jefferson replies that he has no idea.Al is now fully convinced.Later it is learned that Walter was killed falling from a Stadium Box.


This episode implies Jefferson is a Spy,but for whom?

Arc Advancement



Al,Peggy,Marcy,Kelly,Bud,Jefferson,and Walter Traugatt.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Peggy's agonizing Toothache throughout the episode.Bud,and Kelly dressing like destitute youths.Jefferson revealing to Al that the whole thing about him being a Spy was an April Fool's joke.The end scene where it is reported that Walter Traugatt was killed,and Jefferson's blowing the Party Horn.


  • Jefferson: Because you're a Bundy. And, if you put the D where the N is, you're a Buddy.