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Change for a Buck
Season 8, Episode 11
Airdate November 28, 1993
Production Number 811
Written by Kim Weiskopf
Directed by Amanda Bearse
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Married... with ChildrenSeason Eight
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Change for a Buck is the eleventh episode of the eighth season of Married... with Children, and the one hundred sixty-eighth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Cheech Marin (Buck's Voice), Dom DeLuise (Floyd the Dog), Jeanine Jackson (Mother), Lenny Wolpe (Father), Joshua Boyd (Timmy), Ralph P. Martin (Mustafa), Jillian Johns (Waitress)


Plot Overview

Al comes Home with his usual fat woman came into the Shoe Store rants,and as usual the Family sits,and listens.Peggy,and the kids just listens,as is Buck the Dog.They've all heard it before...only this time,Buck in voice over decides to leave if not to get away from Al's rants,but also to teach his Family a lesson for ignoring him.They do not even notice that he's leaving.Soon,Buck finds himself in a Dog Pound.He converses with other Dogs there also voice overs.They let Buck know that there is a time limit for how long he can stay before he is put to sleep.Buck is not worried since he has the four Bundys that he thinks are now searching for him.Little does Buck know that Al is still ranting about his day with the fat women that came into his Shoe Store,and it is steadily boring Peggy,Kelly,and Bud.However,they are soon rescued when Jefferson drops by to talk to Al,and three of them leave.Jefferson tells Al that there is going to be a Wrestle Til You Raw Night Contest at the Nudie Bar.The first prize is the winner gets to oil-up the first girl wrestler.Al is intrigued.The tickets are twenty dollars,and Al buys a ticket from Jefferson,after stealing it from Jeffersons back pocket.Meanwhile back at the pound Buck anxiously awaits for the Bundys to come pick him up.Buck has six days before his time is up.Six days later Buck is on the edge of fear,and still no Bundys.Back at the Bundys household,Peggy has the feeling that there is something differant around the house as she is putting Bucks dinner bowl on the floor.The other family members thinking Buck is laying on the floor steps over him.Al is preparing to go to the Nudie Bar wearing a tie with a girls breast blinking.Kelly who was taking Buck for a walk is the one who notices his absense.It suddenly hits Peggy,and Bud as well,and after leaving to look around the house for Buck,it hits Al too.Jefferson then drops by to tell Al that his ticket was chosen,for him to oil up the first girl.As they are about to leave,Peggy,and the kids are going to search for Buck,and they want Al to go with them.Al as usual is unwilling to comply,after some laying on him a guilt trip,and Kelly,and Bud whistling the Lassie theme music,Al goes along to look for Buck.Buck meantime is in total fear of being put to sleep,and promises to God that would never run away again.Just as he says this the Bundys enters the pound.They had went every Dog Pound in the city,this being the last one.Buck is estatic to see them,however they do not acknowledge his presence even when he barks to alert them of his presence.Even when Al,and Bud look directly at him,it takes almost a minute for them to recognize him.Once again it is Kelly who first notices,and recognize him.They all promise to pay more attention to him in the future,and to take care of him,and even feed him.Sometime later,the family once again is at home,and Al enters with...again his usual rant about fat women.Buck this time just lays there,and listens.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

As Buck is telling his fellow Dogs about the Bundys,images from his conscience appear with Buck relying on each Bundy coming to his rescue...then discarding the Bundy in question.First Kelly,then Bud,then Peggy,and finally,and not too hopefuuly Al.

Memorable Moments

The voice of each Dog talking.


Buck talks about how each Bundy would come to his rescue,but then discard the possibility. Buck about Kelly:"the an idiot.If she did'nt undress in front of me,I would have no use for her". Buck about Bud:"Bud,well he could'nt find a two-legged Dog,what make me think he could find a four legged one"? Buck about Peggy:"the redhead...she would'nt know I was gone unless my face was on the side of a Bonbon Box". Buck about Al:"that just leaves the big dumb guy with the stinky feet.My pal Al,he would'nt let me down.Besides,what else does he have going on in his life"?


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