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And Baby Makes Money
Season 5, Episode 11
Airdate December 16, 1990
Production Number 511
Written by Art Everett
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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Married... with Who
Married... with ChildrenSeason Five
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And Baby Makes Money is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Married... with Children, and the ninety-first episode overall.

Guest Stars: Beth Broderick (Miss Penza), Charlie Brill (Eugene Bundy)


Plot Overview

Al's Uncle Spanky has died.The Bundy Male's(Except Bud) are called to the reading of the Will of Al's Uncle.Instead of the usual possessions left to the various Bundys,Uncle Spanky's Will states that to the first Male Bundy that Fathers a child,in Wedlock,that Bundy will inherit all of Uncle Spankys Fortune.The Bundys Wives except Eugene Bundy who is not Married are present at the Will reading as well.Each Bundy Male,and their wives attempt to make a Baby,except Peggy.As much as Peggy would love to inherit the Fortunes that Uncle Spanky leaves to the first Bundy to give birth to a child,Peggy would rather have sex with Al.To do this,Peggy will be taking birth control Pills to prevent any Birth.As the Months go by,Al checks the Pregnancy Tests,but in each checking...nothing.During the Months of having sex with Al,Peggy grows happy while Al becomes confused,and physically weak.He does'nt understand why Peggy isn't pregnant.Al grows so weak that his hair turns white.Peggy begs for more sex,but All is not willing.Peggy assures Al that just one more time,and he can stop.Before this happens,the Lawyer to Uncle Spankys Will Reading arrives to announce that the race for the Birth of the Bundy Baby is over.This relieves Al of anymore sex with Peggy.The winner of the Bundy Born Baby is Eugene who had serving time for embezzelment of Bank Funds.He married the Lawyer Woman who arranged to have him released as part of a work release program soon after the Will Reading.As much as Al is relieved,he is rightly confused as to why Peggy has not become pregnant.He soon learns that Peggy has been taking some Birth Control Pills before each love-making.To get revenge,Al pours Blue ink into the Vile to similate positive results.When Al shows the Test to Peggy,naturally she is upset,and frightened at the thought of raising another child.But,she calms down a bit at the thought of receiving all of Uncle Spankys Money.Al,informs her that someone has already beaten them to the Money.This surprizing news makes Peggy queasy,and she runs to the Bathroom to vomit.Al is happy at Peggys reactions.He plans to tell her later,but at the present,he will enjoy her suffering,and his relaxation.


Arc Advancement



Al,Peggy,Marcy,Kelly,Bud,Miss Penza,and Eugene Bundy.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

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Memorable Moments

The Male Bundys,and their Wives having sex in the Lawyers Office.Al, adding blue ink in the Pregnancy Vile.Peggys reaction to the false Test that Al shows her.



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