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The following is a list of the tournaments and other events that are featured on Jeopardy!



For the common tournament format, see Jeopardy! (1984)/Tournament Format


There are tournaments that occur, or in the case of the Seniors Tournament did occur, regularly

College Championship

Starting in the fifth season, 15 full-time college students from around the country play in the show's common tournament format. Currently, the winner receives at least $100,000.

Teen Tournament

Tournament of Champions

Starting in the second season, the contestants with the longest winning streaks compete in the common tournament format. Currently, the winner receives $250,000. The tournament usually airs annually, although there have so far been three seasons (17, 20 and 23)

Seniors Tournament

Teacher's Tournament

Starting in the twenty seventh season, 15 school teachers compete in the common tournament format; the winner receives $100,000 and is guaranteed a spot in the Tournament of Champions.


These are special tournaments that each have occurred one time

Super Jeopardy!

Super Jeopardy! was a miniseries that aired on ABC during Summer 1990. It featured 36 of the best contestants up to that point competing for $250,000 in a custom tournament format.

Tenth Anniversary Tournament

Teen Reunion Tournament

Ultimate Tournament of Champions

Million Dollar Masters

Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational

Over the twenty-sixth season, a tournament was held between celebrities who have previously done well in Celebrity Jeopardy. Instead of taking place in a row, the quarter finals took place on the third thursday of each month, between September and May, before the semifinals and finals occured in May. The winner will have $1,000,00 donated to the charity of their choice


Celebrity Jeopardy!

Starting in the ninth season, one or more weeks of episodes each year feature celebrities playing for a charity of their choice. Celebrities have included actors, musicians, politicians and athletes among others.

Celebrity Jeopardy! has popularly been parodied on Saturday Night Live, featuring Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek and usually featured Darrell Hammond portraying Sean Connery as a contestant.

Kids Week

Starting in the sixteenth season, one or more weeks of episodes each year feature kids, aged between 10 and 12, playing.

Kids Week Reunion

During the second week of the twenty-fifth season, a reunion was held featuring people who originally appeared in the first few Kids Week games in 1999 and 2000.

Military Week

Beginning in the twenty-ninth season, one week of episodes featuring contestants in the army or military will be held.

IBM Challenge

From February 14-16, 2011, a two-game exhibition match featured Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter competing against the IBM supercomputer Watson.