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Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate May 24, 1999
Production Number 105
Written by Brendon Small
Loren Bouchard
H. Jon Benjamin
Paula Poundstone
Melissa Bardin Galsky
Eugene Mirman
Mitch Hedberg
Laura Silverman
Holly Schlesinger (additional writing)
Directed by Loren Bouchard
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Brendon Gets Rabies
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Director's Cut
Home MoviesSeason One
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Yoko is the fifth episode of the first season of Home Movies, and the fifth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Brendon Small (Brendon Small), H. Jon Benjamin (Coach McGuirk/Jason Penopolis), Paula Poundstone (Paula Small), Melissa Bardin Galsky (Melissa Robbins), Eugene Mirman (Eugene), Laura Silverman (Loni), Mitch Hedberg (Mitch the 5th Grader)


Plot Overview

Following a school camping trip with Coach McGuirk, Brendon ends up going out with school girl Loni. Loni doesn't get along with Jason or Melissa, is a horrible actress, and Brendon gets the idea that she's cheating on him with 4th grader Mitch.

On the same camping trip, Russian exchange student Eugene pees in Coach McGuirk's canteen as a prank. McGuirk ends up drinking it, and following some mocking from students and teachers, seeks revenge on Eugene.



  • Brendon makes a generic movie, when a detective (Brendon) seeks to save his girlfriend (Loni) from a cliche evil man (Jason). Melissa complains that Loni has stolen her usual part, and Jason doesn't care for her overacting.
  • Following his breakup with Loni, Brendon makes a "Casablanca" parody. Loni (played by Melissa) wants to stay with Brendon (Brendon), but Brendon rejects her and forces her to leave with Mitch (Jason). Her also offers her a drink, mixed up by Eugene.

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • Gnome: Found in the back yard of the house.
  • One of five episodes to air on UPN, and also has Paula Poundstone instead of Janine Ditullo playing Paula.
  • Following this episode, Home Movies was cancelled. It would take 2 years for the show to resurface on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.
  • This is the last very heavily retroscripted and improvised episode; following this, episodes began to take more structure in plot while leaving dialogue improvised.
  • This episode has two names, "Yoko" and "We'll Always Have Tuesday".

Behind the Scenes

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