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Simone Deveaux
Heroes-Simone Deveraux.jpg
Actor Tawny Cypress
First Appearance 1x01 - Genesis
Last Appearance 1x23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man
Series Billing Season One: Billed.
Episode Count 12

Simone Deveaux is a beautiful 28-year old woman from New York City. She is played by Tawny Cypress and has appeared in most episodes to date.


Basic Information

Simone Deveaux is a beautiful 28 year old woman who owns or works at an art gallery, or possibly works as an art dealer. Simone was the girlfriend/enabler of tormented artist Isaac Mendez for two years, but his continuing heroin habit put a strain on their relationship. Her wealthy father is dying, and was attended to by nurse Peter Petrelli.

Season One

Simone was baffled when Isaac insisted that his paintings were premonitions of the future. She tried to get Peter to provide Isaac with morphine to get Isaac clean, but after he painted New York city being destroyed, he refused to quit the drugs – he felt he needed them to paint the future. Simone had enough of Isaac’s self-destructive habit and dumped him. She was surprised when Peter Petrelli told her he wasn’t going to be the nurse to her father Charles anymore. They met again at a fundraiser for Nathan Petrelli. She gave a toast to love – may they stay away from it when it’s not healthy. Peter told her that he’d been in love with her since the first day they met. Nathan humiliated Peter in a speech by claiming he tried to commit suicide. Simone knew that wasn’t true. She found Peter and they kissed before going back to his apartment and having sex. However, Simone decided that she didn’t want to rush right into a new relationship right after leaving Isaac. She goes to see Isaac about selling some paintings. He shows her the sketch of her kissing Peter, and asks her how she feels about him. Simone tells him that she isn’t sure how she feels about either of them.

Peter left Simone some odd messages telling her he needed one of Isac’s paintings so he could save the world. She was with her father when he unexpectedly woke up. He told her that he was with Peter, they were flying, and all kinds of bad things were happening, no one was looking out for each other. Peter told him that everything was going to be OK, there were people who cared, could make a difference and would save the world. Then Charles closed his eyes and died. Simone went to see Peter. She cried in his arms. They went to Isaac’s loft, but he had taken most of his paintings and left for parts unknown. Simone told Peter about Charles last words. She asked him what he could do if he had the painting. Peter told her he could save the world. Simone smiled and told him the painting had been sold to Linderman, a businessman from Las Vegas.

Linderman shipped the painting back to Simone, who contacted Nathan. They opened the painting in Isaac’s loft. It showed Peter lying dead under a Homecoming banner for Union Wells high school. Simone told Nathan that Peter said he needed the painting so he could save a cheerleader there, which would somehow save the world. Nathan destroyed the painting, angering Simone. She told Nathan that she isn’t sure what to believe anymore. Simone located Union Wells high school and found out when Homecoming was. She called Peter over and asked him if he was really sure he had to save the cheerleader. He told her that he didn’t understand why, but people were counting on him to do it. She showed him a digital photograph of the painting. She warned him not to go, because if Isaac really can paint the future, Peter will die. Peter told her that he had to go. Simone told him where the school was. He hugged her and thanked her. She asked him to come back alive.

Character History

Simone helped Isaac put on his first art show in a long time. She didn't know he was a heroin addict then.

Signifigant Episodes

Memorable Moments