Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Premiere Japan: April 7, 1995
US: March 6, 2000
Finale Japan: March 29, 1996
US: May 11, 2000
Creator Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
Cartoon Network (Toonami) (US)
Style 30-minute anime sci-fi
Company Sunrise
Seasons 1
Episodes 49
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is an anime science fiction drama series which takes place outside of Gundam continuity, but is loosely based around Mobile Suit Gundam. Following an altercation between the United Earth Sphere Alliance and outlying space colonies which ended in the death of a revolutionary pacifist, rogue scientists in the Organization of Zodiac send five young boys to Earth in advanced Mobile Suits to destroy the organization once and for all.

Though the series is one of the "alternate universe" Gundam series, it was the first in the franchise to be licensed and dubbed for American audiences. The series debuted in the United States on March 6, 2000. It was heavily edited to remove all blood, foul language and references to death for broadcast on Cartoon Network in the daytime and shown uncut late at night during "Toonami: Midnight Run." The unedited version is significant because it was the first time that Cartoon Network had ever shown uncut anime. Because of its popularity, the series also spawned several OVAs, including Endless Waltz.



Japanese Actor American Actor Character
Main Cast
Hikaru Midorikawa Mark Hildreth Heero Yuy
Shigeru Nakahara Kirby Morrow Trowa Barton
Ai Orikasa Brad Swaile Quatre Raberba Winner
Toshihiko Seki Scott McNeil Duo Maxwell
Ryuuzou Ishino Ted Cole Chang Wufei
Akiko Yajima Lisa Ann Beley Relena Peacecraft
Takehito Koyasu Brian Drummond Zechs Merquise


Season Premiere Finale #
TV Asahi
Season One April 7, 1995 March 29, 1996 49


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
Complete Operations Boxed Set October 22, 2002 10

Episode Collections
Operation One May 6, 2000 1

Operation Two July 18, 2000 1

Operation Three September 19, 2000 1

Operation Four November 14, 2000 1

Operation Five January 30, 2001 1

Operation Six March 21, 2001 1

Operation Seven May 15, 2001 1

Operation Eight July 17, 2001 1

Operation Nine July 17, 2001 1

Operation Ten September 17, 2001 1

Complete Collection One March 28, 2006 5

Complete Collection Two May 9, 2006 5