Godzilla: The Series

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Godzilla: The Series
Premiere September 12, 1998
Finale April 22, 2000
Creator developed by: Jeff Kline & Richard Raynis
Network FOX (Fox Kids)
Style 30-minute animated action
Company Adelaide Productions,
Centropolis Television,
Columbia TriStar Television
Distributor Columbia TriStar Television (until 2002)
Sony Pictures Television (2002– )
Seasons 2
Episodes 40 (2 unaired)
Origin USA
This is for the 1998 animated series. For the 1978 animated series, see Godzilla

Godzilla: The Series is an animated action show that aired on the Fox Kids block on FOX. It is a spin-off from the 1998 American Godzilla film.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Frank Welker Godzilla 1 2
Ian Ziering Dr. Niko Tatopoulos 1 2
Dr. Elsie Chapman Charity James 1 2
Malcolm Danare Dr. Mendel Craven 1 2
Rino Romano Randy Hernandez 1 2
Brigitte Bako Monique Dupre 1 2
Tom Kenny N.I.G.E.L 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 12, 1998 August 14, 1999 21
Season Two September 18, 1999 April 22, 2000 19 (2 unaired)


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Animated Series April 29, 2014 4


Episode Collections
The Monster Wars Trilogy August 24, 2004 1


Monster Mayhem March 28, 2006 1


Mutant Madness March 28, 2006 1


Episode(s) as Special Features
Godzilla: Monster Edition March 28, 2006 1


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