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Game of Thrones features a large ensemble cast. Listed here are Westeros' great houses, with every member that has appeared in the series, as well as every other character with at least two credited appearances.

The list is updated and complete as of Mother's Mercy, the 50th episode, and season 5 finale.


The great houses of Westeros


The nation of the Seven Kingdoms covers most of the continent of Westeros (only excluding the wildlands of the Far North). It is divided into nine regions (one of which has never been an independent nation - The Crownlands - and one that joined the union after the name was established - Dorne) and its capital is the city of King's Landing, with the Red Keep serving as royal castle. The king rules from the Iron Throne, a term also used to refer to the royal jurisdiction.

Historically, the kingdoms have been united since the Targaryen conquest, with eight great houses (see picture to the left) swearing fidelity to the Targaryens and the Iron Throne, while ruling over one region each (the ninth region, the capital region of the Crownlands, being directly governed by the king). The heads of six of these great houses are honorably titled Lord Paramount of their region (or, in case of the lord of the Riverlands - Lord Paramount of the Trident). The Iron Islands has proven to be notably rebellious, which might explain why the head of House Greyjoy is not entitled Lord Paramount, but Lord Reaper of Pyke. The kingdom of Dorne knelt to the Iron Throne several generations after the other kingdoms, and the head of House Martell is thus still granted the title Prince of Dorne, rather than Lord Paramount.

The Lord Paramounts of the Westerlands, the North, the Vale, and the Reach, additionally serve as Warden of the West, the North, the East, and the South, respectively. Responsible for protecting the realm from external threats, the Wardens were originally tasked to command their armies against Ironborn pirates in the west, Wildling confrontaitions in the north, Essosi raiders and Hill Tribe attacks in the east, and (prior to the kneeling of Dorne) Dornish conflicts in the south.

Note that, for this list, all characters are found under their respective ancestral house, i.e. women remain listed under their original house, even when married into another.

The nine original houses

For centuries following the Targaryen conquest, the same nine houses regained their power.

House Arryn


Words: "As High as Honour"
Region: The Vale (known as The Kingdom of Mountain and Vale prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: The Eyrie
Founder: Artys, during the Andal invasion.
History: Royal house of Mountain and Vale, prior to the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Robin, Lord Paramount of the Vale, and Warden of the East.
Current status: Active rulers of the Vale.

Character Actor #
Robin Arryn Lino Facioli 7
Jon Arryn John Standing 1

House Baratheon


Words: "Ours is the Fury"
Region: The Stormlands (known as The Storm Kingdom prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Storm's End
Founder: Orys, following the Targaryen conquest.
History: Replaced the extinguished royal House Durrendon of the Storm Kingdom, following the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: King Tommen I, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.
Current status: The current royal house of The Seven Kingdoms. Active rulers of the Stormlands, and - since the exile of House Targaryen - of the Crownlands.

Character Actor #
Joffrey Baratheon Jack Gleeson 26
Stannis Baratheon Stephen Dillane 24
Tommen Baratheon Dean-Charles Chapman 181
Myrcella Baratheon Nell Tiger Free 132
Shireen Baratheon Kerry Ingram 10
Renly Baratheon Gethin Anthony 8
Robert Baratheon Mark Addy 7

1 King Tommen Baratheon was portrayed by Callum Wharry for Season 1 and 2 (8 episodes).
2 Myrcella Baratheon was portrayed by Aimee Richardson for Season 1 and 2 (8 episodes).

House Greyjoy


Words: "We Do Not Sow"
Region: The Iron Islands (part of The Kingdom of Isles and Rivers prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Pyke
Founder: Vickon, following the Targaryen conquest.
History: Partially replaced the extinguished royal House Hoare of Isles and Rivers, following the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Balon, Lord Reaper of Pyke. Proclaiming himself Balon IX, King of the Iron Islands.
Current status: Active rulers of the Iron Islands, proclaiming it an independent kingdom.

Character Actor #
Theon Greyjoy Alfie Allen 32
Yara Greyjoy Gemma Whelan 6
Balon Greyjoy Patrick Malahide 3

House Lannister


Words: "Hear me Roar"
Region: The Westerlands (known as The Kingdom of the Rock prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Casterly Rock
Founder: Lann the Clever, during the Age of Heroes.
History: Royal house of the Rock, prior to the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Cersei, Lady Paramount of the Westerlands, and Warden of the West.
Current status: Active rulers of the Westerlands.

Character Actor #
Tyrion Lannister Peter Dinklage 46
Cersei Lannister-Baratheon Lena Headey 44
Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 35
Tywin Lannister Charles Dance 27
Lancel Lannister Eugene Simon 12
Kevan Lannister Ian Gelder 7
Alton Lannister Karl Davies 3
Martyn Lannister Dean-Charles Chapman 2
Willem Lannister Timothy Gibbons 2
Reginald Lannister Patrick FitzSymons 1

House Martell


Words: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"
Region: Dorne (known as The Kingdom of Dorne prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Sunspear
Founders: Mors & Nymeria, prior to the Targaryen conquest.
History: Royal house of Dorne, prior to kneeling to the Iron Throne.
Current lord: Doran, Prince of Dorne.
Current status: Active rulers of Dorne.

Character Actor #
Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal 7
Doran Martell Alexander Siddig 4
Trystane Martell Toby Sebastian 4

House Stark


Words: "Winter is Coming"
Region: The North (known as The Kingdom in the North prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Winterfell
Founder: Bran the Builder, during the Age of Heroes.
History: Royal house of the North, prior to the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Bran, stripped of Iron Throne sanctioned titles.
Current status: Replaced by House Bolton.

Character Actor #
Sansa Stark-Lannister-Bolton Sophie Turner 40
Arya Stark Maisie Williams 39
Bran Stark Isaac Hempstead Wright 25
Robb Stark Richard Madden 21
Rickon Stark Art Parkinson 12
Eddard Stark Sean Bean 10
Benjen Stark Joseph Mawle 3

House Targaryen


Words: "Fire and Blood"
Region: The Crownlands (a disputed, non-sovereign, area prior to the Targaryen conquest).
Seet: Dragonstone
Founder: Aegon the Conqueror, in the Targaryen conquest.
History: The last surviving house of the destroyed Essos civilization of Valyria, seated at Dragonstone prior to the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Daenerys. Proclaiming herself Daenerys I, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
Current status: Following centuries of ruling on the Iron Throne, as the royal dynasty, the Targaryens were ultimately dethroned and exiled, and replaced by the expanding House Baratheon. Daenerys is currently seated in the Essosi city of Meereen, which she rules as queen.

Character Actor #
Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke 41
Aemon Targaryen Peter Vaughan 11
Viserys Targaryen Harry Lloyd 5

House Tully


Words: "Family, Duty, Honor"
Region: The Riverlands (part of The Kingdom of Isles and Rivers prior to the Targaryen conquest. Even earlier, it was an independent country, known as The Kingdom of Rivers and Hills)
Seet: Riverrun
Founder: Edmyn, following the Targaryen conquest.
History: Partially replaced the extinguished royal House Hoare of Isles and Rivers, following the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Edmure, stripped of Iron Throne sanctioned titles.
Current status: Replaced by House Frey.

Character Actor #
Catelyn Tully-Stark Michelle Fairley 25
Brynden Tully Clive Russell 5
Edmure Tully Tobias Menzies 5
Lysa Tully-Arryn-Baelish Kate Dickie 5

House Tyrell


Words: "Growing Strong"
Region: The Reach (known as The Kingdom of the Reach prior to the Targaryen conquest)
Seet: Highgarden
Founder: Harlen, following the Targaryen conquest.
History: Replaced the extinguished royal House Gardener of the Reach, following the Targaryen conquest.
Current lord: Mace, Lord Paramount of the Reach, and Warden of the South.
Current status: Active rulers of The Reach.

Character Actor #
Margaery Tyrell-Baratheon Natalie Dormer 21
Loras Tyrell Finn Jones 19
Mace Tyrell Roger Ashton-Griffiths 9

The subsequent houses

Following the events of season three, two of the former great houses were defeated, and replaced by previous vassal houses.

House Bolton


Words: "Our Blades are Sharp"
Region: The North
Seet: The Dreadfort
Founder: Yet to be revealed.
History: Replaced House Stark, following the Red Wedding.
Current lord: Roose, Lord Paramount of the North, and Warden of the North.
Current status: Active rulers of The North.

Character Actor #
Roose Bolton Michael McElhatton 17
Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon 15

House Frey


Words: Yet to be revealed.
Region: The Riverlands
Seet: The Twins
Founder: Yet to be revealed.
History: Replaced House Tully, following the Red Wedding.
Current lord: Walder, Lord Paramount of the Trident.
Current status: Active rulers of The Riverlands.

Character Actor #
Walda Frey-Bolton Elizabeth Webster 4
Walder Frey David Bradley 3
Lothar Frey Tom Brooke 2
Merry Frey Grace Hendy 1
Roslin Frey-Tully Alexandra Dowling 1
Stevron Frey Colin Carnegie 1

By marriage only

While marriages are often arranged between members of the great houses, it is not uncommon that a great house member marries someone from a lesser house, or even from other continents.

Character Actor # Spouse Origin
Petyr Baelish Aidan Gillen 30 Lysa Tully The Fingers, in the Vale. Lord of Harrenhal, in the Riverlands.
Talisa Maegyr-Stark Oona Chaplin 11 Rob Stark Volantis, in Essos
Olenna Redwyne-Tyrell Diana Rigg 11 Luthor Tyrell The Arbor, in the Reach
Selyse Florent-Baratheon Tara Fitzgerald 10 Stannis Baratheon Brightwater Keep, in the Reach
Drogo Jason Momoa 10 Daenerys Targaryen The Dothrakis of Essos
Joyeuse Erenford-Frey Kelly Long 1 Walder Frey Of a knightly house, in the Riverlands

Additional people of Westeros

The series also features several other Westeros characters, from outside the great houses.

Note that members of the great houses (as listed above) are excluded from below. Also, King's Landing in particular inhabits several migrators from the eastern continent - these are listed separately below.

The Night's Watch

GoT-Night's Watch.jpg

The Brotherhood of the Night's Watch guards the Seven Kingdoms from the threats of the Far North. Once the member of the Watch (which are nicknamed crows) have sworn their oath, their previous social status is disregarded (although they keep their names), and they are bound to the Brotherhood for life.

Headed from Castle Black by the Lord Commander, with the First Ranger acting his second-in-command, the Watch's primary duty is to man the Wall, separating the Seven Kingdoms from the Far North. Besides Castle Black, only two more castles of the Wall remains manned: Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and The Shadow Tower, both of which have a Commander in charge. A small landmass south of the wall, known as The Gift, belongs to the brotherhood, ever since it was given to them by House Stark. Most notably, The Gift includes the village of Mole's Town.

Once sworn in to the order, the members are assigned into a group, depending on his skills and the order's needs. The three main groups are rangers (patrolling the country from the horseback), stewards (supporting the rangers in their daily duties), and builders (maintaining the wall and its castles). Additionally, there are recruiters (nicknamed "wandering crows") travelling the realm searching for men to join the brotherhood.

Character Actor # Rank
Jon Snow Kit Harington 41 Lord Commander
Samwell Tarly John Bradley 35 Maester's Steward
Eddison Tollett Ben Crompton 24 Steward
Grenn Mark Stanley 22 Ranger
Alliser Thorne Owen Teale 16 First Ranger
Janos Slynt Dominic Carter 14 Ranger
Olly Brenock O'Connor 14 Lord Commander's Steward
Pypar Josef Altin 13 Steward
Jeor Mormont James Cosmo 12 Lord Commander
Rast Luke Barnes 12 Ranger
Othell Yarwyck Brian Fortune 11 First Builder
Locke Noah Taylor 8 Ranger
Bowen Marsh Michael Condron 7 First Steward
Yoren Francis Magee 7 Recruiter
Karl Burn Gorman 4 Steward
Qhorin Simon Armstrong 4 Ranger
Todder Will O'Connell 2 Builder
Unnamed Watchman Will Fortune 2 TBA

The Order of Maesters


The Maesters is an order of male scholars, educated in the Citadel in Oldtown, the Seven Kingdoms' oldest and second largest city. They are headed by a council known as the Conclave, whose individual members are entitled Archmaesters. The members of the order are recognized by their chains of metal rings, representing their personal diciplines, such as gold for accounting, silver for medicine, iron for warfare, black iron for ravenry, and valyrian steel for magic.

Most noble houses - both great and lesser - have a maester, whose duties include counseling the lord, educating the children of the house, and attending to medical concerns. The Maester of King's Landing, serving as royal counselor, has the title Grand Maester.

Character Actor # Position
Pycelle Julian Glover 27 Grand Maester
Luwin Donald Sumpter 14 Maester of Winterfell
Qyburn Anton Lesser 11 Expelled maester

The Faith of the Seven


Septons (male) and septas (female) are priests in the Faith of the Seven, the main religion in The Seven Kingdoms. The object of worship is one deity, symbolized by a seven-pointed star: the Seven-Faced God, which has seven aspects: Mother, Father, Crone, Maid, Smith, Warrior, and Stranger, each representing different areas of human life (mercy, justice, wisdom, love, craftmanship, courage, and death, respectively).

The septons might serve in a sept (temple) or a septry (monastery), or as begging brothers/sisters, traveling the realm. They are headed by the the High Septon and the council of the Most Devout, who serve at The Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing.

Not concidered septas, but devoted to the faith, are the Silent Sisters, an order of women sworn to service the Stranger. Their main duty is to prepare the bodies of the dead for funerals.

Character Actor # Position
The High Septon Paul Bentley 6 High Septon
Mordane Susan Brown 6 Septa of Winterfell
The High Sparrow Jonathan Pryce 5 High Septon
Unella Hannah Waddingham 3 Septa of the Most Devout

The lesser houses


Aside the great houses, the Seven Kingdoms also holds hundreds of lesser - or vassal - houses of nobles, each holding fealty to the great house ruling the region. The head of a lesser house is titled Lord, or - if it is a woman - Lady.

Becoming knight is an honor given to skilled warriors, servicing either a lord or the faith. In addition to fighting skills, one must also be a devoted follower of the Faith of the Seven to be knighted. A knight uses the title Ser.

The knighthood is open for both nobles and smallfolk, although the lack of training possibilities makes it hard for most people outside the noble houses to gain the experience needed. However, over the centuries, several non-noble knightly families have gained the reputation and financial means to continue training their sons to become knights. Even the unsworn members of these knightly houses, while not given the benefits of the nobles or the knights, are usually very well favored, comparing to the general smallfolk.

The most skilled knights are chosen to form a troupe of royal bodyguards, the Kingsguard, consisting of seven men, sworn for life, and forbidden to wed, father children, or own land. Heading the Kingsguard is the Lord Commander.

Character Actor # Title and origin
Jorah Mormont Iain Glen 39 Exiled knight and former Lord of Bear Island, in the North.
Bronn Jerome Flynn 28 Sworn knight of smallfolk kin - formally Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.
Sandor Clegane Rory McCann 27 Unsworn soldier, from the Westerlands.
Brienne Tarth Gwendoline Christie 27 Heir to Evenfall Hall, in the Stormlands.
Barristan Selmy Ian McElhinney 24 Sworn knight, from the Stormlands, and dismissed Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.
Podrick Payne Daniel Portman 22 Unsworn squire, from the Westerlands.
Davos Seaworth Liam Cunningham 21 Sworn knight, from the Stormlands.
Meryn Trant Ian Beattie 17 Sworn knight of the Kingsguard, from the Stormlands.
Rodrik Cassel Ron Donachie 13 Sworn knight, from the North.
Jojen Reed Thomas Brodie-Sangster 10 Heir to Greywater Watch, in the North.
Gregor Clegane Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson 91 Sworn knight, from the Westerlands.
Meera Reed Ellie Kendrick 9 Of Greywater Watch, in the North.
Dontos Hollard Tony Way 6 Dishonored knight, from the Crownlands.
Rickard Karstark John Stahl 62 Lord of Karhold, in the North.
Jory Cassel Jamie Sives 5 Unsworn soldier, from the North.
Beric Dondarrion Richard Dormer 53 Lord of Blackhaven, in the Stormlands.
Amory Lorch Fintan McKeown 4 Sworn knight, from the Westerlands.
Ilyn Payne Wilko Johnson 4 Sworn knight, from the Westerlands.
Matthos Seaworth Kerr Logan 4 Unsworn seaman, from the Stormlands.
The Royal Steward Robert Sterne 4 Unknown
Greatjon Umber Clive Mantle 3 Lord of Last Hearth, in the North.
Vardis Egen Brendan McCormack 2 Sworn knight, from the Vale.
Yohn Royce Rupert Vansittart 2 Lord of Runstone, from the Vale.
Donnel Waynwood Alisdair Simpson 2 Sworn knight, from the Vale.
Willis Wode Ryan McKenna 2 Sworn knight, from the Riverlands.
Hugh Jefferson Hall 2 Sworn knight of smallfolk kin - formally Ser Hugh of the Vale.

1 Ser Gregor Clegane was portrayed by Conan Stevens for Season 1 (2 episodes) and by Ian Whyte for Season 2 (3 episodes).
2 Lord Rickard Karstark was portrayed by Steven Blount for Season 1 (1 episode).
3 Lord Beric Dondarrion was portrayed by David Michael Scott for Season 1 (1 episode).

The baseborns

The baseborns are the acknowledged bastard children of the nobles (of great and minor houses alike). While not nobles themselves, the baseborns tend to be better off than the smallfolk, although their wearabouts are largly dependent on the good will of the father.

Each baseborn is given a region-specific last name: "Flowers" in the Reach, '"Hill" in the Westerlands, "Pyke" in the Iron Islands, "Rivers" in the Riverlands, "Sand" in Dorne, "Snow" in the North, "Stone" in the Vale, "Storm" in the Stormlands, and "Waters" in the Crownlands.

A lord wanting to legalize his baseborn child, can request it from the Iron Throne. This is fairly uncommon, but when such a request is granted, the child is given the name of the house he now belong to, and is legally regarded a highborn.

Character Actor # Father
Ellaria Sand Indira Varma 9 Harmen Uller
Nymeria Sand Jessica Henwick 5 Oberyn Martell
Obara Sand Keisha Castle-Hughes 5 Oberyn Martell
Tyene Sand Rosabell Laurenti Sellers 5 Oberyn Martell
Walder Rivers Tim Plester 2 Walder Frey

The smallfolk


Smallfolk is the term used for any citizen of the Seven Kingdoms that isn't a noble, a knight, or a maester, nor sworn to the faith or to the Night Watch. This include peasants, craftmen, prostitutes, entertainers, orphan children, soldiers, outlaws, rouge warriors, etc.

Although many smalfolk recieve a nickname, similar to a last name, they don't have a proper last name (with the exceptions of baseborns and unsworn members of knightly houses).

Character Actor # Living
Hodor Kristian Nairn 21 Stableboy
Gendry Joe Dempsie 17 Blacksmith
Ros Esmé Bianco 14 Prostitute
Hot Pie Ben Hawkey 11 Baker's apprentice
Myranda Charlotte Hope 7 Kennelmaster's daughter
Olyvar Will Tudor 7 Prostitute
Anguy Philip McGinley 6 Archer
Marei Josephine Gillan 6 Prostitute
Dagmer Ralph Ineson 5 Seaman
Armeca Sahara Knite 4 Prostitute
Biter Gerard Jordan 4 Criminal
Lommy Eros Vlahos 4 Orphan
Lorren Forbes KB 4 Seaman
Marillion Emun Elliott 4 Bard
Rorge Andy Beckwith 4 Criminal
Daisy Maisie Dee 3 Prostitute
Polliver Andy Kellegher 3 Soldier
Drennan David Coakley 2 Seaman
Farlen Peter Ballance 2 Kennelmaster
Hallyne Roy Dotice 2 Alchemist
Jacks Paul Caddell 2 Soldier
Kayla Pixie Le Knot 2 Prostitute
Kurleket Kevin Keenan 2 Soldier
Mhaegen Antonia Christophers 2 Prostitute
Mord Ciaran Birmingham 2 Turn-key
Old Nan Margaret John 2 Storyteller
Quent Aidan Crowe 2 Soldier
Shagga Mark Lewis Jones 2 Warrior
The Tickler Anthony Morris 2 Soldier

Unnamed smallfolk

Character Actor #
King's Landing whore Xena Avramidis 3
King's Landing whore Samantha Bentley 3
Sansa's handmaiden Sara Dylan 3
Dreadfort torturer Michael Shelford 2
King's Landing City Watch soldier Sam Callis 2
King's Landing whore Emily Diamond 2
King's Landing whore Rosie Ruthless 2
King's Landing whore Rebecca Scott 2
King's Landing whore Em Scribbler 2
King's Landing whore Dennis Stokes 2
King's Landing whore Portia Victoria 2
King's Landing rioter Reg Wayment 2
Lannister captain Aiden Condron 2
Mole's Town madam Lu Corfield 2
Mole's Town whore Lois Winstone 2
Stark guard David Sheehan 2
Winterfell shepherd Donagh Deeney 2
Winterfell woman Stella McCusker 2

The Free Folk


The Free Folk - referred to as the Wildlings by the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms - is the people living in the far north of Westeros, beyond the Wall. They live in small fractions, in either minor villages and settlements - most notably Hardhome - in the Haunted Forest (the large forest immediately north of the Wall) and alongside the costline known as the Frozen Shore, or even further north (in and beyond the mountain range known as the Frostfangs) in etnical tribes such as The Thenn, The Hornfoots, The Ice-river clans and The Cave people. Beyond the Frostfangs are the Lands of the Always Winter, where few or no humans live.

Traditionally, the Free Folk have been lacking any overall organization, although recently they were gathered under Mance Rayder, "the King-Beyond-the-Wall".

Character Actor # Origin
Gilly Hannah Murray 18 The Haunted Forest
Tormund Kristofer Hivju 17 The Haunted Forest
Ygritte Rose Leslie 17 The Haunted Forest
Osha Natalia Tena 14 The Haunted Forest
Orell Mackenzie Crook 6 The Haunted Forest
Craster Robert Pugh 5 The Haunted Forest
Mance Rayder Ciarán Hinds 5 The Haunted Forest
Lord of Bones Ross O'Hennessy 41 The Haunted Forest
Styr Yuri Kolokolnikov 4 Thenn
Unnamed warg Joseph Gatt 3 Thenn
Johnna Ali Lyons 2 The Haunted Forest
Morag Deirdre Monaghan 2 The Haunted Forest
Sissy Jane McGrath 2 The Haunted Forest
Johnna's sister Karla Lyons 2 The Haunted Forest

1 The Lord of Bones was portrayed by Edward Dogliani for Season 2 (2 episodes) and Season 3 (1 episode).

People of Essos

East of Westeros, separated by the Narrow Sea, lies the continent of Essos. Unlike Westeros, Essos is made up of several different peoples, which differ significantly from each other, in language, culture, and appearance.

Descendants of Valyria


The Valyrian Freehold was the dominant Essosi power for nearly 5000 years, due to their possession of trained dragons. Originally centered in the south of western Essos, on the Valyrian Peninsula, the Freehold is now long gone, and the peninsula is devestated due to a catastrophic event known as the Doom of Valyria. However - spread across the western part of the continent, in the large area dominated by the river Rhoyne, are nine city-states, former Valyrian colonies, known as the Free Cities. The five cities located along the western coast of Essos - Lys, Tyrosh, Myr, Pentos and Braavos - frequently interact with the Seven Kingdoms, and the other four - Norvos, Qohor, Lorath, and Volantis - are also known to trade with the western continent.

Being the oldest, largest, and most populated of the Free Cities, Volantis is arguably also the most powerful (only rivaled by the economic center of Braavos) with three surrounding minor cities serving as its vassals: Volon Therys, Valysar, and Selhorys.

While most of the Valyrian Peninsula remains in ruins, three minor city-states, Elyria, Mantarys and Tolos, remain, serving as waystops for travellers taking the landroute between the Free Cities and eastern Essos.

Character Actor # Origin
Varys Conleth Hill 27 Lys
Shae Sibel Kekilli 20 Lorath
Daario Naharis Michiel Huisman 151 Tyrosh
Jaqen H'ghar Tom Wlaschiha 12 Braavos
Doreah Roxanne McKee 11 Lys
Thoros Paul Kaye 6 Myr
Areo Hotah DeObia Oparei 5 Norvos
The Waif Faye Marsay 4 Braavos
Lhara Sarine Sofair 3 Braavos
Syrio Forel Miltos Yerolemou 3 Braavos
Ghita Hattie Gotobed 2 Braavos
Illyrio Mopatis Roger Allam 2 Pentos
Ternesio Terys Gary Oliver 2 Braavos
Tycho Nestoris Mark Gatiss 2 Braavos
Tobho Mott Andrew Wilde 2 Qohor
The Thin Man Oengus MacNamara 2 Braavos

1 Daario Naharis was portrayed by Ed Skrein for Season 3 (3 episodes).

Dothrak and Lhazar


Across the middle of the continent lie the widespread grasslands known as the Dothraki Sea, populated by the Dothraki nomad clans, or khalasars. Each khalasar is led by a horselord, a khal, whose wife is referred to as the khaleesi. A warrior sworn to a khal is called his bloodrider.

The Dothraki's only city is Vaes Dothrak, which is the khalasar's place of peace, as no weapons are allowed within the city. The only full-time residents of Vaes Dothrak is the dosh khaleen - the wives of fallen khals - and their eunuch servants.

South of the Dothraki sea lie the green hills of Lhazar, inhabited by the Lhazareen, a minor, peaceful people of cattle herders, often tormented by the khalasars' raidings.

Character Actor # Title / origin
Irri Amrita Acharia 13 Handmaiden
Kovarro Steven Cole 8 Bloodrider
Rakharo Elyes Gabel 7 Bloodrider
Qotho Dar Salim 6 Bloodrider
Mirri Maz Duur Mia Soteriou 3 Lhazareen

Descendants of Ghiscar


The area south of of the Dothraki Sea and Lhazar, and east of the Valyrian Peninsula, was once the center of the powerful Ghiscari Empire, which predates the Valyrian Freehold, being the oldest known civilization in the world. Now, with the empire long gone, the region is still named Ghiscar, but is more commonly referred to as the Slaver's Bay, due to the bay of the same name which geographically dominates this part of the continent. Along the bay's eastern coastline lie three cities, where the Ghiscari culture is still alive: Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen, all famous for their slave trades.

South of Ghiscar, in the ocean named The Summer Sea which separates Essos (and Westeros) from the southern continent, lies an island which holds the city-state of New Ghis, proclaiming itself the present-day heir to the Ghiscari Empire.

Character Actor # Origin
Hizdahr zo Loraq Joel Fry 8 Meereen
Kraznys mo Nakloz Dan Hildebrand 3 Astapor
Mossador Reece Noi 3 Meereen
Yezzan zo Qaggaz Enzo Cilenti 2 Meereen
Greizhen mo Ullhor Clifford Barry 2 Astapor
Malko Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 2 Yunkai
Unnamed Great Master Emilio Doorgasingh 2 Meereen
Unnamed manservant Conor Watters 2 Meereen
Unnamed whore Meena Rayann 2 Mereen

The far east


East of the Slaver's Bay, is the Red Waste, a widespread dessert avoided by all of the continent's people.

While Essos continues east of the Red Waste, the nature of these lands is largely unknown to the people in Westeros, and quite exotic even to the Dothraki and the inhabitants of the Free Cities and Slaver's Bay. Dominating the area is the Jade Sea, an exotic body of waters, known in Westeros for its valuable (but risky) trades, with at least four major ports: Qarth, Bayasabhad, Samyrian, and Asshai. Beyond Asshai is an unexplored and feared area, known only as the shadow lands.

Character Actor # Origin
Melisandre Carice Van Houten 19 Asshai
Pyat Pree Ian Hanmore 4 Qarth
The Silk King Slavko Juraga 3 Qarth
The Spice King Nicholas Blane 3 Qarth
Quaithe Laura Pradelska 2 The shadow lands

People of Sothoryos

South of both Westeros and Essos is the third known content, Sothoryos. While the vast majority of Sothoryos remains unexplored by the people of the northern continents, only rumored to inhabit strange wild animals and exotic people, some of the islands outside the northern cost are relatively well know in Westeros and Essos.

South of the Slaver's Bay are the Basilisk Isles, a large island chain, and west of them, off Sothoryos' northwest coast line, are Naath, whose inhabitants are known for their strong pacifist beliefs. Even further west, in the middle of the Summer Sea, halfway between Westeros and Sothoryos, is the archipelago of The Summer Isles.

Character Actor # Origin
Missandei Nathalie Emmanuel 22 Naath
Grey Worm Jacob Anderson 17 The Summer Isles
Xaro Xhoan Daxos Nonso Anozie 5 The Summer Isles
Salladhor Saan Lucian Msamati 3 The Summer Isles


While non-human humanoid species are a well known part of Westerosi myths and legends, they are generally believed to be nonexistent creatures of fairytales. However - throughout the show, people begin to realize that they are indeed real, and still exist.

Note that the actors portraying both walkers and giants, generally don't play the same individual in every episode - eg., while the walker portrayed by Ross Mullan in his second appearance is killed, the actor still returns in subsequent episodes, playing other walkers.


While the giants have not been seen south of the Wall for generations, they still live amongst the more northern Free Folk, and recently joined Mance Rayder's army. They are more than twice the hight of humans, and increadibly strong. Like the Free Folk, the giants speak the Old Tongue.

Character Actor #
Dongo Ian Whyte 3
Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun Ian Whyte 2

White walkers

According to Seven Kingdoms legends, the white walkers once caused war across Westeros, until being driven back north, beyond the Wall. As they begin to reappear, they are shown to be taller than the average human man, with white skin and blue glowing eyes, and have the ability to re-animate the dead. They speak a language known as Skroth, which sounds like the cracking of ice. They are lead by The Night's King - a legendary Night Watch commander turned White walker thousands of years ago.

Character Actor #
The Night's King Richard Brake 2
Various white walkers Ross Mullan 3
Various white walkers Ian Whyte 2