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Noshing and Moshing
Freaks and geeks 118.jpg
Season 1, Episode 15
Production Number 115
Written by J. Elvis Weinstein
Directed by Jake Kasdan
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Freaks and GeeksSeason One

Noshing and Moshing is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Freaks and Geeks. Neal wrestles over telling his Mom about his Dad's affair, and his anxiety manifests itself through a dummy. Daniel tries breaks up with Kim and considers a 'punker' lifestyle. Lindsay feels let down by the school system, but becomes optimistic about the future when Neal's brother Barry arrives in town.

Guest Stars: Amy Aquino (Mrs. Schweiber), Dave (Gruber) Allen (Jeff Rosso), David Krumholtz (Barry Schweiber), Sam McMurray (Dr. Schweiber), Shawnee Free Jones (Jenna Zank), Bianca Kajlich (Piercing Girl), Steve Bannos (Mr. Kowchevski), Trace Beaulieu (Mr. Lacovara), Ron Lester (Seidleman), Joel Madison (Mr. Botwinick), Joanna Canton (Cheerleader), John Apicella (Dr. Latz), Andy Mackenzie (Big Punk), Sid Garza-Hillman (Freshly Pierced Guy), Rowan Shifrin (Mohawk Guy), Brandon Peterson (Punk), Alison Martin (Katey Desario)


Plot Overview

Neal shows his new toy off to the Geeks - a ventriloquist mannequin he calls Morty. The Freaks spot a 'punker' girl named Jenna who dropped out from their school working at a store, and Daniel comments that he thinks she's hot. While having dinner at the Schweiber residence, Neal's parents warn him about his falling grades, and ask him to cut down time spent on his ventriloquism. The Schweiber's discuss preparing for their annual dinner party; the Weirs discuss attending the party, with Lindsay opting out.

The next day, Neal brings Morty to school and explains to the Geeks that he's focusing on his act to secure his future, as he believes his family is going to crumble because of his Dad's affair. Later, he acts aggressively towards a teacher and gets sent to the principal. Daniel gets late to school because he has to get medicine for his disabled father. This angers Kim, who needed some of her notes from Daniel for a test; the two fight and break up. When Daniel gets home, he indulges in some punk music to get away from his troubles. Lindsay gets into detention when she tries to help a girl who's being picked on. During detention, Lindsay complains that she's not allowed to do her homework there and criticizes the system, causing her to get detention for a further two days.

The next day, to the Geeks' horror and embarrassment, Neal performs his ventriloquist act during lunch break. They worry about Neal's obsession with his new hobby. That evening, Daniel hits on Jenna and gets invited to a punker party. The following day, Neal's brother Barry arrives from college for a short break and drops in at school. Lindsay is immediately drawn to him and promises to attend the Schweiber dinner party. Neal explains to Barry about their Dad's affair, but is shocked to learn that Barry knows about Dr. Schweiber's philandering ways already, and tells Neal not to tell their mother because it would ruin the family.

Daniel gets dressed up in full punker regalia and takes Ken and Nick along with him to the punker party. He tries to fit in but is unsuccessful, and when he realizes Jenna has a boyfriend, he leaves in disgust and seeks out Kim. At the Schweiber party, Lindsay and Barry hit it off and go out for a walk together. Barry tells her not to worry about school, and that everything will change once she gets to college. Neal, disgusted by his father's false facade, leaves the house and catches Barry and Lindsay kissing, which adds to his misery. When he gets back to the dinner, his Dad forces him to do his ventriloquist act; Neal responds by embarrassing him in front of everyone. He then reveals his Dad's secret to his mother, who tells him that she already knows and that he shouldn't worry about it because it's for the adults to work out.


  • Previously On: The start of this episode features, for the first time, a brief 'previously on' segment.

Featured Music

  • "Spacefunk" by Paul Feig
  • "Rise Above" by Black Flag
  • "Your Phone Is Off The Hook But You're Not" by X
  • "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" by Dean Martin
  • "Lime Green" performed by Diesel Boy
  • "Happy Street" performed by Diesel Boy
  • "Punk Rock 101" performed by Diesel Boy

Arc Advancement


  • The Schweiber Affair: Neal reveals his Dad's philandering to both his brother and mother, but finds that they already knew.
  • Breakup: Kim and Daniel break up and get back together (it's been implied that they do this regularly).
  • Barry Schweiber: Comes home from college for a short stay and makes an impression on Lindsay.


  • Daniel: It's revealed that he has a difficult family life. His break-up with Kim leads him to experiment, but ultimately he's drawn back to her and his regular lifestyle.
  • Neal: Struggles to cope with the burden of his secret. His worries manifest themselves in an obsession with a ventriloquist dummy. Finds some peace of mind when the status quo is revealed to him.
  • Lindsay: Continues to feel disillusioned with school and the education system. Sees some hope for future college life thanks to Barry, in whom she finds companionship.


  • Dr. Schweiber's Affair: Neal found out about his dad's affair in the episode The Garage Door.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Magic (1978): The movie Bill talks about when discussing Neal's dummy obsession is Magic, in which a dummy begins to control its master.

Memorable Moments

  • Neal's ventriloquist performance at the party.
  • An emotional Neal explains his rude behaviour to his Mom.



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