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Freaks and Geeks/Ken Miller

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Ken Miller
Freaks and Geeks
Ken Miller
Actor Seth Rogen
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 1x18 - Discos and Dragons
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 15
Notable Episodes 1x12 - The Garage Door
1x17 - The Little Things

Ken Miller, played by Seth Rogen, is a main character in Freaks and Geeks who features in most episodes of the series.


Basic Information

Ken Miller is a sophomore at McKinley High, and belongs to a group of students labelled the 'Freaks'. Ken comes from an emotionally distant family (his parents didn't interact with him much). He's a hard-core rock'n'roll fan who can't stand disco.

Ken is mostly reactionary, and rarely drives conversations. He has just one story arc in the series involving him getting a girlfriend who's not what she seems. Ken is always laid back and generally unconcerned with what goes on around him. He's always prepared to dish out a sarcastic comment or two, a talent that is aided by a distinctive style of speech that lends itself to dry humour.

Character History

Memorable Moments